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London promoter Andy Peyton’s story is one that shows the merits of hard graft, determination, and a willingness to learn.

With a background putting on indie gigs, he began making moves into the dance world amidst the nu rave heyday of the mid-to-late noughties, curating line-ups for Lock ‘n’ Load EventsGet Loaded In The Park festival and Together parties. Finding the sweet spot between dance and rock in that fertile period, he became increasingly involved in the dance side of things – which eventually led to him promoting nights at The Nest and XOYO.

From there he’s risen to become co-owner of the two venues – two of London’s most notable clubs and gig spots – and continues to promote a series of larger external parties under the XOYO Loves banner, with upcoming dates at Studio Spaces E1, Electric Brixton and The Coronet featuring everyone from Dimitri From Paris to Mark Ronson to Ryan Hemsworth.

We grabbed five minutes out of his hectic schedule to find out about what it takes to be a promoter in London’s modern club scene.

How did you first get into promoting?

I came to London to go to University and was managing a bar part time. Out of boredom I started putting bands on on the Sunday, and it went from there.

Who did you learn from when you were getting started?

I learnt from making lots of mistakes myself! After a year or so I met Danny Newman who owned Turnmills at the time, and learned a lot from him.

XOYO crowd

How did you get from those early days to co-owning several venues? What was the story behind each of them?

I knew Steve and Riz who owned The Columbo Group from many years back when they bought The Nest, and I was a promoter there. I became a shareholder and started to run the venue whilst still doing nights at other venues, including XOYO. We thought we could take the team we had and run a bigger place, so after a lot of work we managed to buy the place.

What are the toughest lessons you’ve had to learn while putting on events?

I used to be very, very stressed over whether they would be a success, I would say staying level-headed is the thing it has taken me a long time to learn.

Is it as cutthroat a business as everyone makes it out to be?

It can be.

Would you say there are still rivalries in the London club scene or is it not really like that anymore?

I think there are competitive people involved, but I heard stories from when there were five or six super clubs that definitely sound more fierce than things are now.

Artwork at XOYO

Being both a promoter and a venue owner, you must have quite a unique view on the whole clubbing landscape. What sort of state do you think London clubbing is in at the moment?

I think it’s in a good state. There are lots of smart innovative promoters out there

What do you look for in sub-promoters and brands to work with at your clubs? Is it more than just ‘who’s got the biggest crowd’?

Integrity. We work with Deviation (Benji B’s night) because he is a true lover of music and a great DJ.

What have been some of your most memorable parties this year?

So many! The last Eats Everything date was amazing, a real family affair. Deviation in July saw Kanye West turn up and watch Travi$ Scott tear the roof off. Jackmaster’s opening night was the first ever all night set he did and was a masterclass. The 2 Bears’ last night – they came straight from Glasto, everyone was tired but happy, one I’ll never forget. I could go on…

What are the biggest misconceptions about being a promoter that people have?

That it’s a night-time job. The work is done in the office.

What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to get into putting on parties?

Think about long-term relationships with agents, venues, DJs, managers over the short-term money.

Simian Mobile Disco’s residency at XOYO continues into December. Click here for upcoming listings at XOYO, click here for XOYO Loves listings and click here for upcoming listings at The Nest.

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