We invited long-standing MN2S Client and soul queen Mica Paris to chat about her fruitful relationship with MN2S.

MN2S has spoken with singer, actress, and TV personality Mica Paris backstage at Manchester’s Palace Theatre, where she is currently taking the lead role in a production of hit musical Fame. Discussing her extensive career and her time working with us, she has said: “They’re an amazing agency, the reason why I like them is because they’re versatile. I’m versatile – I’m a nutter, I’ll try anything – and I like people who are a bit like me, who don’t put everything in a box. Whether it’s fashion, music, TV, radio, they come up with the goods every time, so I’m super happy.”

Having worked with Prince, Dionne Warwick and Bobby Womack, Mica Paris is a bona fide soul queen. Over a career that’s seen seven studio albums, work in theatre, TV and radio, Mica has carved out a reputation as one of the UK’s premiere talents. MN2S have booked over 80 live shows for Mica to date, in addition to putting together high-profile branding opportunities that have helped to further her career.

“They were very consistent with bringing the work, and very professional. I’m very much looking forward to the future with MN2S.”

MN2S Director Sharron Elkabas had this to say regarding Mica’s involvement with the company: “Mica has been a joy to work with. I’m proud that we’ve managed to secure multiple opportunities for her, not only in live music but also in branding and sponsorship. It’s a pleasure to help in boosting the profile of such a talented artist.”

Xavier Defontaine, who handles administration for Mica’s bookings, remarked that “it’s been great working alongside Mica. She’s one of my favourite clients to work with – professional, approachable, and most of all an incredible talent.”

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