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We talk to Mylene Keijzer of Amsterdam’s Sugarfactory about her venue, and the upcoming festival.

This October, Sugarfactory will host MN2S Presents: Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and A Guy Called Gerald for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. We spoke to Head of Club Publicity Mylene Keijzer about working at Sugarfactory, ADE, and the upcoming MN2S event.

MN2S: How long have you worked at Sugarfactory and what are some of your earliest memories there?

Mylene Keijzer: When I began to explore the Amsterdam dance scene around the age of 17, Sugarfactory was one of the first places I liked to visit. It was part of my introduction to what Amsterdam nightlife has to offer, and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

When I moved back from China to Amsterdam (I studied Chinese in Shanghai for half a year), I wanted to gain work experience in the music industry and expand my network. I decided to apply to Sugarfactory as a Publicity/Production Intern.

I started my internship exactly 4 years ago. We were working on the final preparations for ADE 2013, where Black Coffee, Kerri Chandler and Stephan Bodzin were playing. I immediately loved working with the different partners, the dynamics at the Sugarfactory office and during the club nights. For me, these first months confirmed that I wanted to be part of this industry. I worked hard to get a permanent position after my internship.

What do you love about your job?

It’s inspiring to be part of a team where everyone is working with so much passion and enthusiasm. Sugarfactory is one big family, which everyone is part of, from the office staff as well as the people who work the night shifts. I love working with our partners and seeing the different events that take place in Sugarfactory grow. I also really enjoy the creativity in my work, and seeing it come together during the night. It’s hard work, but it also gives you a lot of energy.

What are some of the most memorable Sugarfactory parties you’ve been part of?

It’s not easy to choose from all the events I’ve been part of in the last four years. But there are events that stick in my mind. A Love From Outer Space is one of these events. A.L.F.O.S. never exceeds 122bpm, and the music and atmosphere of this night were just unlike anything else. If you have the chance to see Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston, I highly recommend it.

The MN2S Kaoz Theory event two days later with Kerri Chandler and Detroit Swindle is also one of my favorites. Kerri Chandler truly is a house legend.

I really enjoy live electronic acts, and one of the events that I was always looking forward to was Aether. Aether organized forward thinking live electronic events — my favorite was their evening with Throwing Snow, Aisha Devi and Second Storey. The live A/V collaboration between The Hague techno/bass producer 2562 and Amsterdam visual artist Heleen Blanken during our 10 year Anniversary was also really strong.

That same night KUMA invited one of Amsterdam’s finest selectors, San Proper. It was packed and San Proper had a broken arm, playing a crazy vinyl set one-handed. He’s quite the character. Extraordinary night all together!

And just last Monday, Rotterdam House veteran Gerd was playing in our small hall. I couldn’t stop dancing before 5 AM.

Which artists have you been most excited about seeing at Sugarfactory?

What I love about Sugarfactory is that we have such a varied program, with different kinds of bands, live-electronic acts and club nights. I love to go to all the different kinds of programs, discovering new talents. One of these talented artists that recently surprised me with her music selection is the Dutch DJ Titia. She closed the night after another of my favorite artists, Carlos Valdes. The energy Titia brings into the room with her Chicago and Detroit House, acid and breakbeat is just intense!

There are also so many live shows I’ve been really excited about seeing at Sugarfactory, including Sevdaliza (her music and show is stunning and mesmerizing!) and Montreal Duo Essaie Pas. I’m a great fan of Essaie Pas’ work, and also the solo work of Marie Davidson.

One of those evenings where the energy, act, setup, lights, everything just seems one, was during the floorshow from experimental hip-hop group Clipping. And when I think back to the ‘Life & Livin’ It’ concert of Sinkane, it still makes me smile.

What makes Sugarfactory unique as a venue?

The intimate setting of the venue, the creativity, the talents we work with, the passion of all the staff, the many different decorations, setups and visuals that are possible within the venue. And every six weeks the club looks completely different thanks to the various artists exposing their work on our walls.

What makes Amsterdam such a great destination for electronic music?

People in Amsterdam have a good understanding of electronic music. There are so many great places in Amsterdam where you can hear quality electronic music and discover new acts. Every club in Amsterdam has their own place in the scene and its own identity. I also believe that Dutch people are very open-minded, and able to embrace the fusion of different genres and discover new music. Also, clubs are really pushing things forward to continue to innovate.

What’s your favourite part of ADE?

I enjoy the fact that there is so much going on at the same time. Conferences, playgrounds, live acts and club nights. The whole music industry comes together, from the key players to the underground, every aspect of the music industry is represented, and I have the unique ability to network here. People from all over the world come to Amsterdam to experience electronic music together. It’s great to be a part of, and I think I can speak for our entire crew that we’re looking forward to ADE!

How excited are you about MN2S Presents: Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and A Guy Called Gerald?

The MN2S line-up and crowd are always great during the ADE events at Sugarfactory! I have seen Todd Terry play in China and can’t wait to see him play at Sugarfactory. Also really looking forward to Roger Sanchez and A Guy Called Gerald. Can’t wait till next month!

Book tickets for MN2S Presents: Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry & A Guy Called Gerald now.

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