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We spoke to producer/DJ OH91 about grime, Bristol, and his new exclusive mix.

Since starting out in 2011, OH91 built strong roots in the Bristol dance music scene before branching out nationwide. He’s released numerous records over the years, first on the Bristol-based independent label Durkle Disco, and later on Coyote Records, White Peach, and Banana Stand Sound among others.

OH91 is best known to many for ‘Stealth’ — the song that established the DJ as a major player in grime. The track was remixed by grime stalwart Spooky, and exposed to huge audience hungry for more. OH91 also produced the now-classic trap instrumental ‘Goon Mode’, which Stormzy selected for his Beats radio show.

OH91 has produced beats for a number of talented MCs, including most recently Hitman’s upcoming single ‘The Roads’. He’s also brushed shoulders with fellow Bristolians Boofy, Hi5Ghost, Lemzly Dale and Joker over the course of his career.

As a crucial part of the city’s booming dance music scene, OH91’s production skills are matched only by his ability in the booth. DJ sets up and down the country have established OH91 as a top tier selector and mixer. And this new exclusive mix proves it. Made up of some of OH91’s current favourites, it’s a testament to the man’s ability, and a taster of what patrons will experience should they see him in the booth at the club.

To find out more about his process, career and inspirations, we asked OH91 a few questions:

Can you tell us a bit behind the exclusive mix you’ve done for us?

Yeah man, the mix is just a few tunes I tend to play out in clubs, tunes that I feel do justice on dancefloors and clubs around the world.

How do you feel about the way media tends to cover grime production?

The media are always going to portray some negativity towards grime, but it’s crazy because a lot of music is starting to sample grime tunes, and I’m talking about whole next genres, so it has its ups and downs I guess.

How did Bristol influence yourself and your music while growing up?

Ha, this question. Well my mum’s from Trinidad and my dad’s Jamaican, so really I got the best of both worlds when it came down to it. From Soca to roots-reggae. And living in Bristol is cool, too, for hearing all sorts of different sounds. The area I grew up in was a renowned area for West Indian culture in Bristol, so that made it even better!

What sounds truly cemented your knowledge that music was absolute and fundamental to your life?

My dad. If you know you know. He’s the reason why I do music, and my mum too. From when I was young I could just remember my dad’s set up, he was a sound man back in 70s.

What projects have you got coming up?

A lot of stuff, like a lot… If you know me then you will know Wagwarn, but as for the rest, yeah just sit back. Let the music do the talking.

Lastly, what’s the biggest banger in your bag right now?

Gallah – ‘Sniper’

Book OH91 to bring the Bristol DJ and producer to your venue.

Listen to the mix here:

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