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MN2S and Evermix are teaming up for a brand new collaboration, connecting the music of our stellar roster of DJs to fans like never before.

To kick off the platform collaboration, we break down the basics of Evermix, the MixBox devices, and how to use them to full effect.

What is the MixBox?

MixBox by Evermix is the new music recording device that is revolutionising the DJ-listener relationship. For listeners, the Evermix service boasts “exclusive mixes recorded live from the club by the world’s hottest DJs and emerging talents of the dance music circuit.” Evermix allows users to never miss a mix from their favourite DJs, and club nights from around the world, even if they can’t be in the club on the night of the show.

DJs can make this happen using a small device called the MixBox. Using the innovative device, DJs can record live mixes in high quality with the MixBox iOS app, and store them on an iOS device. Then, these mixes are uploaded to the streaming platform for fans to enjoy. As well as this, the app allows automatic sharing of the mixes to other platforms, including Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Google Drive or Dropbox for storage.

How does the MixBox work?

On the technical side, MixBoxes work by connecting to the mixer’s Rec Out slot with RCA phono leads, allowing high quality recording and no interference. MixBoxes can be powered by mobile devices, meaning there is no need for an external power source. And in a brand new addition, plugging the MixBox into an external power source will charge your mobile phone..

Watch this video for a full demo of the MixBox, complete with DJ testimonials:

DJs can buy their own personal MixBox, or in some cases use the MixBox provided by the club. Leading venues in the UK and Ibiza already have MixBoxes permanently installed, including Ministry of Sound, Ibiza Rocks and Eden.

Which artists already use the MixBox?

MixBox and the Evermix platform have already been embraced by many of the biggest and hottest DJs on the scene. Prominent users include Gorgon City, Skream, Doorly, Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Josh Butler, Monki, Chus & Ceballos, and many more.

As well as artists, several club brands have taken to the MixBox, among them Abode, Toolroom, Elrow, and Tribal Sessions. Mixboxes have also proven to be valuable resources for DJ schools and academies, helping the next generation of turntablists record their mixes.

But the MixBox is not just for big name DJs. Evermix regularly runs DJ competitions, highlighting the platform’s ability to showcase up and coming new DJs, as well as their superstar counterparts.

How Evermix and MN2S are working together

the mixbox mn2s

As an agency, MN2S is passionate about bringing the best DJs on the planet to dance music fans worldwide. That’s why we’ve partnered with Evermix to showcase some of our DJ talent to new audiences.

MN2S is creating two kinds of mixes for this collaboration: live show recordings, and bespoke mixes to promote the roster and the brand.

So far, MN2S and Evermix are in the process of making a bespoke brand page for dance fans, filled with bespoke mixes from Marshall Jefferson, Catchment, and Marcus Nasty, alongside exclusive recorded live sets, made specially through the MixBox.

DJs often use their productions as their calling cards, but really, it’s all about the mix. With Evermix, dance music fans and promoters alike can get a better idea of who the best DJs on the scene really are.

How to use the MixBox to become a DJ

seb fontaine using mixbox mn2s

The best thing about MixBox is that it’s a great tool for anyone. From the biggest DJs in the world to aspiring bedroom enthusiasts, artists can record and share their mixes online to build a following or to grab the attention of an agent or label.

Upon release the MixBox sold out in its first week. As Evermix prepare their restock, MixBoxes will be available to pre-order once again from the middle of December 2017 to start shipping mid-January 2018.

When your MixBox arrives, download the free Evermix DJ app and get recording. Whether you’re playing a packed major venue or a cramped obscure club, capture your mix in lossless quality and share it with the world.

Sign up to Evermix’s mailing list to be notified as soon as the MixBox goes back on sale. Check out the Evermix streaming platform to hear all the latest and greatest DJ mixes.

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