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For this installment of Under The Influence, we spoke to UK DJ and tastemaker Coco Cole about the five tracks that have inspired her most.

Coco Cole is a master DJ on the radio and in the club. She was nominated for Best Radio Show in the 2015 DJ Mag Best of British Awards, and hailed as a “vital cog in the machinery of UK dance” by Mixmag.

Shows at major clubs all over the world have won her an enthusiastic international fanbase. Her work at Black Butter Records and on her own Say Yes compilations has kick-started the careers of many talented young electronic musicians from the UK and her six shows on the Capital network are vital sources of new music for dance fans worldwide.

Coco talked to us about what ‘inspiration’ really means to her, and the artists and tracks that influenced her over the years.

On Inspiration

Inspiration is difficult to pin down and explain through words. Most of the time it’s an indescribable overwhelming feeling that I feel deep in my gut. It’s a mixture of the pure jouissance of enjoying the music then ambition, fear and frustration. I love certain songs for their sheer genius and I am driven by my ambition to one day be able to make music on that level or at least music I feel proud of. These 5 tunes inspire me in that way yes but essentially, I just bloody love them.

CocoRosie – By Your Side [Rogue Records]

CocoRosie blew my mind when I first heard them as a moody reclusive teenager. I’d never heard anything like them. Their voices, the combination of sounds, the sounds!! I hope to make at least one album in my lifetime and when I get there I will listen to CocoRosie to remind me to experiment. There’s no-one else like them and to this day, they’re still my favourite band. This song encompasses everything I love about them and the lyrics carry more weight with me every time I fall in love. Awww.

Prince – Controversy [Warner Bros.]

That riff. Those vocals. The harmonies. It touches my soul & I could listen to this song on repeat for hours. I’ll be playing this to the grand kids. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as good as Prince but here’s to hoping I’ll sign a record from someone who is!

Submotion Orchestra – Blindspot (Maribou State Remix) [Exceptional Records]

Urgh this song!! I mean. It’s just so freaking beautiful. Electronic music is beautiful. Remixes are songs in their own right. These are the things this song reminds me of every time. There’s so many beautiful sounds in this, that warped grinding orchestral bassline, the velvet vocals, the playful sounds at the end of every bar. The song swings and sways. It’s beautiful and I’m so proud that Maribou State broke from the mould of DJ/Producer duos of the time to release a stunning album and transform into a touring live band. Very inspiring.

Adam Beyer – I Do [Truesoul]

A song that kind of slipped under the net last year as the fourth tune on a cheeky EP on his side label Truesoul. I often build my sets up to this song. It’s a real moment. Raw, emotional and driving. It’s the music I aspire to make. Adam himself is a massive inspiration to me for obvious reasons. If in the next 20 years I can build a respected and loved musical empire and family like Drumcode, I’ll be very happy.

BOY – Drum Field [Say Yes]

Drum Field is a free download on my recent compilation. When I first heard it, my mouth dropped and my body moved. BOY will be the first artist on my label and I couldn’t be more excited about it. He’s a real talent. Hiding in his studio, collecting hardware and perfecting his craft for years. Now he’s ready and sitting on a treasure trove of music. I always wanted to have my own label but I hadn’t really tried to set one up as I was worried I wouldn’t have the time. Hearing BOY was like a kick up the arse to do that. It was echoing in my head: You NEED to get this guy out there. He’s inspired me to find the time.

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