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With support for their music from Maya Jane Coles, Pete Tong and Marco Carola and releases past and upcoming on Crosstown Rebels, Nurvous, Emerald City, Material Series and Factomania, pumping tech house duo Eskuche & Nu Sky are fast becoming one of the scene’s hottest duos. We asked them to tell us about the artists that have influenced them over the years to get a better insight into how they do what they do.


Who we are right now as a duo have been formed from really different influences from within the music world. We have always been into exploring different types music and this for sure has had a huge impact on where we are with our production styles. We have an avid love for different styles of music.


The music of our childhood. A German electronic music band who have been around for years who last year earned a Lifetime Achievement award from the Grammy Academy. We have a lot of respect for these fathers of synthesised music. They were one of the first collectives who popularised electronic music and are considered to be pioneers. Their album ‘Trans-Europe Express’ turned us to the electronic sound in general. What’s interesting is that their music still sounds mint nowadays, nevertheless more than 30 years past, ‘cause it’s genius..


They were definitely a big emotional influence for us. Back in our younger years, when we first met we heard their album ‘Nevermind’, we were like – “wow, what was that?” This music can make you either hate it or love it really bad. Their live shows were like a crazy rave. In the end of them, Kurt Cobain went completely crazy and was destroying stages and guitars with masses of fans going nuts. We stand for emotions that show in music, believing that this makes an artist a star. Our favourite track has to be ‘Come As You Are’ which was released way back in 1991. This track is a classic show of emotive music. The track is built on clever drum patterns and and guitar riffs that sing to you. The intro is a must listen.

The Prodigy

One of the biggest bombs in electronic music back in the day. We were super impressed watching a video tape of a live concert from Moscow back in 1997 and were completely blown away by how they performed for 100,000 people in winter time. Their energy made people go nuts, even in a frozen Russian winter. They are something else as well as their music. The way in which the music is put together with catchy hooks without a shadow of a doubt has had a huge influence on the way that we produce music. Tracks such a ‘Diesel Power’, ‘Their Law’… in fact the whole album ‘The Fat Of The Land’ was incredible and had an influence on all electronic music we hear today. They will always will be in a top list.


Those two guys, one from UK, second one from Goa. They opened a huge window to psychedelic music world. Their album ‘Are You Shpongled’ impressed us. Its surrealistic music ideas and incredible perfect sound engineering were way ahead of time. Even now we get inspiration from their trippy tunes. Today, Simon Posford and Raja Ram are still two of the greatest musicians in the world, in our opinion.

Marco Carola

We were really impressed with his his music, high-quality parties and top showmanship. His minimalistic grooves and the right vibe can take you through the night into the morning and keep moving you all the time. He is one of the main reasons that we are on the production journey that we are on now. As a DJ he has the ability to set you in a trance on the dance floor whilst making you lose yourself in the music. Production-wise, his album ‘Play it Loud’ is a really, really good album – one of our favourites. From start to end, the quality of the tracks on the whole album is flawless. Every track on the record tell its own story – exactly how an album is supposed to be put together.

Eskuche & Nu Sky’s ‘Better Ways’ EP is out now on VIVa Limited, including the Russ Yallop Dub Mix.

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