Independent Ear, Foxfield Recordings, Revoke & Automation Nation join the label roster | MN2S

Four visionary imprints have enlisted the services of MN2S Label Management team, adding to an ever-expanding roster of over 250 successful labels.


Founded by emerging producer Liam Chamberlain – better known as Higloo – Foxfield Recordings was “born of a desire for a small group of like-minded producers to have an outlet for tougher, deeper and more experimental tracks.” Chamberlain notes that many producers in his circle are known for releasing more conventional house and disco edits: Foxfield Recordings is a home for their more forward-thinking material, productions that seek to push the boundaries of electronic music. “You can hear many influences in Foxfield’s sound, from jungle and garage to 4×4 beats. Check out our debut multi-artist EP coming soon.”

“We’ve created Foxfield Recordings as an antidote to traditional dance music.”

Liam Chamberlain, Foxfield Recordings


An established imprint issuing high-quality sounds across a spectrum of genres, Independent Ear was founded in 2011 with the admirable goal of giving under-represented artists the recognition they deserve. Founder Ryan Block describes the label as a “global collective of musicians with a united focus to disrupt the status quo of the music industry”, standing firmly behind an intention to “stand alongside the hardest working musicians; musicians who, by their own strength, burn a path into today’s music mainstream.”

We don’t listen to trends. We make them. We don’t cower at obstacles. We burn a path. 

Ryan Block, Independent Ear

Automation Nation

With a focus on the underground, Automation Nation is curated by a team with an established history in championing emerging, boundary-pushing music. The label’s output seamlessly traverses across an array of house, techno and electronica, working with an eclectic mix of artists and producers.


Brought together by a bespoke team of established music industry figures, Revoke’s focus is on delivering high quality tunes that blur the lines between dance-floor focused cuts and more accessible vibes. The label is currently focused on signing tracks from both established producers and emerging global talent.


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