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Spanish DJ-producer Samuel Dan is a rising star on the dance scene. We spoke to him about his imprint, ERYN.

Founded in 2016, ERYN is quickly becoming the go to destination for the freshest sounds in dance music. Samuel Dan had already established himself as one of house music’s premiere young talents, releasing music on the likes of Dirtybird, Metroline, OFF Recordings, and Sincopat. It was clear he had the chops to create great music himself, and with ERYN Records, he has shown his talents extend beyond production, and into label management.

ERYN’s latest releases

Asked about some of the most exciting projects he’s currently working on, Dan had this to say: “Well, to be honest, we’re quite excited about our next release. It’s a collab between Fancy Inc and myself, with a remix from FreedomB.”

The track is the follow-up to another collaboration between Samuel Dan and Fancy Inc, ‘Twist’ on Toolroom records. It was included on Toolroom’s Ibiza 2017 Volume 2 compilation, which was billed as a mix of “this summer’s hottest tracks, future anthems and brand new exclusive music from the biggest DJ’s and producers dominating the White Isle.”

If ‘Twist’ is anything to go by, Fancy Inc and Samuel Dan’s release on ERYN is bound to be a treat. ‘Toolroom’ itself is actually due for a full release on ERYN after Dan and Fancy Inc’s collaborative EP.

Other exciting recent releases include ERYN011: Liquefied’s ‘Tuning With The Dance Floor’ EP. Filled with vocal cut-ups, rave stabs and gritty instrumentation, alongside sparser tracks like ‘Intensity’, the ‘Tuning With The Dance Floor’ EP is magnificent introduction to Liquefied as they join the ERYN family.

The birth of ERYN Records

Samuel Dan had been releasing music for ten years on other labels, which he has nothing against, but he started ERYN to create a platform where he could release his own music whenever and however he wanted, and to take on board great artists he’d been following over the years.

The plan worked. “All the first releases were mine,” he says, “but I started receiving demos quite early and got some pretty interesting music. A lot of it was very cool so I decided to put out.” ERYN has released plenty of music over the past year, but they’re in no rush. “We don’t care much about having one release every month or week or whatever. We prefer to be sure about the quality of what we put out and feel really comfortable with.”

The best of ERYN Records

We asked Samuel Dan about some of the highlights of his career as a label boss so far. He was quick to point to some of the great names he’s managed to get on the label. “Especially the remixers,” he said. “Raffa FL, AFFKT, DeMarzo, Apollo 84, Tom Flynn, and many others.”

Stellar remixes have been a trademark of ERYN, right from the very start. The first ever ERYN release, Samuel Dan and AFFKT’s ‘Knob-A-Tronic’, featured three remixes—two from Dan himself and another from DeMarzo.

Another one of ERYN Records’ strongest remixes is Samuel Dan’s reworking of ‘Body’ by Sao Paulo team Dropboxx. Taken from Dropboxx’s ‘Body’ EP, the track is a testament to everything that makes ERYN great: signing great talent with great tracks, and creating great remixes to go with them.

The remix tradition is set to continue. The Samuel Dan and Fancy Inc. collaboration the label boss was excited by will include remix work from the great Freedom:B. Then there’s another release altogether: “We have a very special remix coming soon from Mathias Kaden,” says Dan, “So that’ll be quite important to the label.”

Having MN2S Label Services on hand to handle distribution has been instrumental to ERYN’s success, Dan tells us. “Working with MN2S makes everything easier. After all the work preparing a new release, once you send it to them, you know your music will get to everyone.”

The future of ERYN

What’s on the cards for ERYN in the near future? Of course, we can trust Dan to keep up the string of on-point releases, but the label might have something else around the corner. “For the moment we didn’t start throwing parties,” Dan tells us, “but that’s a possible thing we might do in the future, we’ll see.”

It’s an enticing prospect, for sure. ERYN’s releases have always been club favourites, so it makes sense for the imprint to throw its own branded parties. If Dan and co. do choose to go down that route, we can trust that they’ll be nights to remember.

MN2S handles digital music distribution for ERYN and a host of other great labels and imprints. Enquire now to find out more.

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