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We talk to James Dexter about his label Inermu Records.

Give ‘No Rush’ by Los Pastores and James Dexter a spin and you’ll hear a slick bassline underpinning an undeniable deep house groove. It’s the kind of music that we could use more of, and since the artists behind the track all run record labels, we’ll be getting more of it very soon.

‘No Rush’ is the ninth release from James Dexter’s Inermu Records. The two track EP, a collaboration between Dexter and Oblack Records owners Los Pastores, was released this month to celebrate Inermu’s second anniversary.

James Dexter has been known for his stellar releases on Bondage Music, Holic Trax, Poker Flat Recordings and Rebellion, but since 2015 he’s been splitting his time between producing, DJing, and running his own label. MN2S Label Services works with Inermu Records on digital music distribution and in a number of other areas, so we caught up with Dexter to ask about the latest news, and ask about how his last two years as a head honcho have treated him.

MN2S: What is the latest news from Inermu Records?

DEXTER: So we just had our latest release Inermu009 out a couple of weeks ago (2nd October). It was a collaborative EP with myself and Oblack Records Label bosses Los Pastores. I actually set the release date for this at the beginning of October as it was the label’s two year anniversary. We’re just getting the next release finished up from a new artist I have coming on board to the label, looking to get that out December/January time.

What’s the story behind the founding of the label?

I started the label as an imprint so I could put my own music out which I believed in, that perhaps other labels weren’t willing to take a chance on. I also wanted to be able to schedule releases as and when I wanted them out, for example if there was a six month gap between releases I had planned with other labels I knew I’d be able to fill that gap with something on my own label, if I had other tracks ready to go.

What are your long term and short term goals for the label’s future?

I have a lot of goals I want to achieve with Inermu, but really and truly, both the long and short term goals for the label’s future are to keep finding and releasing great music that I continue to believe in.

There’s lots to come next year. Label showcase events and some vinyl-only releases all in the pipeline, but for all these to work and these goals to be achieved the music has to continue to deliver.

What’s your favorite thing about running a record label?

There are a couple of things. Firstly, it’s got to be hearing and seeing other DJ’s play and supporting the music. Getting the promo feedback is great to read, but nothing is better than being on the dance floor in a club and hearing an Inermu record being mixed in. I put out music that I love and that I play out in my sets all the time, so it’s great to know others are into it too and to see the reaction from other clubbers.

Secondly, building and creating a family of artists whose music I love has been amazing. All the artists on the label support each other and their music and it’s great to see that support network growing all the time.

What is it like working with MN2S Label Services?

What I like most about working with MN2S is the professionalism. It’s very important to me. I’ve been using MN2S since the very first Inermu release and everything has always ran very smoothly, there’s always someone there to help whenever I’ve needed anything.

MN2S provides label services such as digital music distribution for Inermu Records. Enquire now to find out more.

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