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Liverpool-based Karunga Muusika is one of the fastest-growing labels in the MN2S Label Services Group.

We take a look at some of the label’s recent highlights, and talk to label boss Dave Swanston about what it’s like to be part of Karunga at such an exciting time.

Karunga Muusika’s latest releases

Karunga Muusika started a brand new line of releases with KMVA001. The catalog number stands for Karunga Muusika Various Artists, because that’s the theme of this new series. The first instalment spans not just various artists, but various genres, with contributions from Ourial, Dave Swanston & Richie Gallagher, alongside Refresh (Italy)’s hauntingly minimal track ‘Collateral Beauty’.

Download KMVA001 here.

Karunga Muusika’s upcoming releases

Dave Swanston recently released a three-track EP from Timmy P, the 19th release in Inermu’s catalogue. Check it out below.

That’s plenty of new music to look forward to. So how does Swanston do it? “The day-to-day running of KM is a busy but enjoyable process. Finding new artists, social media, organising releases and working in the studio which is based in Liverpool.”

All of these new releases reach fans thanks to MN2S Label Services, as Dave can attest. “Working with MN2S Label Services makes the distribution of the label’s music seamless. They have a great team behind the service and are always on-hand for support.”

Karunga Muusika on the dance floor

It’s not just studio work we need to get excited about. Asked about recent highlights from the label, Dave Swanston points to Karunga Muusika’s recent stint in Ibiza. Collaborating with their friends at Gasoline, Karunga took over the island on some very special nights, bringing in some of their Spanish-based artists to play.

The label has seen attention from another Ibiza favourite recently. “I’m a big fan of AndHim,” says Dave, “and it’s been great to see the lads chart KM releases.” The AndHim October Chart, to name an example, featured Loris Zerola’s ‘Chocolope (HUT Remix)’, which was released via Karunga Muusika in 2016.

It’s not just Ibiza, either. Artists from the Karunga Muusika roster recently took to the booth at 4Mation’s 50th event in the label’s native Liverpool with Who New, The Kat, and Luuka Syence.

Summer may be all but over, but Karunga Muusika is always thinking about it. “Come the New Year we’ll be planning for next season,” Dave tells us.

The origins of Karunga Muusika

It’s no wonder Karunga Muusika goes down so well in the club; the label grew out of a monthly party held in various venues across Liverpool, including the legendary HAUS Warehouse. Headliners included artists such as Ramon Tapia, Sonisa Tamamovic, Balcazar
and Sordo.

In 2014, Swanston and co. took the energy and ethos of the party and turned it into the Karunga Muusika label. Three years on, the label is still going strong, and we have a lot to look forward to in the future.

The future of Karunga Muusika

As you can see, it’s an exciting time for Karunga Muusika, and things won’t be slowing down any time soon. Swanston sums up the label’s philosophy: “The main goal is really to continue supporting up-and-coming artists and push their music.”

What’s his favourite thing about running a label? “Supporting artists and their music.” As we’ve seen, he’ll certainly be doing a lot more of that very soon. Stay tuned on the Karunga Muusika SoundCloud for the latest updates from the label.

MN2S handles Karunga Muusika’s digital music distribution and more. Enquire now about label services for your label.

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