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Taylor Made Recordings is one of the most exciting record labels to come out of the Netherlands. We take a look at its history, and talk to founder/DJ-producer Robbie Taylor about starting up and running the label.


The Backstory

Long before Robbie Taylor started Taylor Made Recordings, he was a young boy growing up in a musical family. He started learning piano when he was six years old, and he later learned soprano and alto saxophone.

An active fan of the radio and DJs, a nine year-old Robbie began a collection of mixers, turntables and CD players. When he grew a little older Robbie began his own show on the radio, and he also started organising music events.

Fast forward to 2008 and Robbie Taylor is one of the most hotly-tipped DJs on the scene. His track ‘The Guide’, released on Rotterdam label Midtown Records, has been picked up and played at huge events by big names such as Pete Tong, Carl Cox and DJ Chus.

Taylor’s relationship with DJ Chus goes further than mutual admiration. Robbie and the Spanish DJ met in 2008 and Chus asked Robbie to create remixes for his Stereo Productions label, as well as to release his own original tracks via the label.

Throughout his career Robbie Taylor has remixed tracks by the likes of Roger Sanchez, Dirty South and DJ Chus. He has released music on Urbana, Stealth Records, and now of course his own label Taylor Made Recordings.

Founded in 2012, Taylor Made Recordings is Robbie’s passion project. With a varied and wide ranging musical taste, the label head has put out music of his own and of other artists that he truly believes in.

How does he do it? Why did he set it up? Where does he want the label to go? Find out all of that and more by reading the interview below…

The Robbie Taylor Interview

MN2S: What kind of background do you come from and what made you decide to start Taylor Made Recordings?

Robbie Taylor: I was always looking to find tracks that fit in my sets: Not only the hits, but unique pieces of music that have that typical warm & groovy “Taylor” sound in it. On the other hand, I discovered so many talented producers that didn’t find the right platform to release their music.

Of course, there already were so many labels, but I never found the label that always released exactly my taste.. So, I decided to start Taylor Made to expose my vision on the music of tomorrow.

What is Taylor Made Recordings’ core ethos?

Warm and groovy house music.

What would you say are the label’s greatest successes so far?

The fact that we inspire people and make them believe in their own music is the biggest success we have with the label. Maybe this isn’t visible all the time for our fans, but behind the scenes we’re doing very grateful work. Besides that we are proud to be running the label for already 6.5 years and still on spot!

Is running a record label more difficult or easier than you imagined? Would you recommend others set up their own labels too?

Running a label isn’t hard or easy. It depends on your drive, passion and love for the music. You have to stay focused on watching the scene to know what’s going on!

Which other labels are you most inspired by?

Labels like Stereo Productions, Suara, Cadenza & Toolroom have inspired me for years. These labels work with a wide scope but are always high quality.

Which artists do you most want to work with?

I don’t really have a favorite to be honest. There are so many cool artists that it is impossible to choose one. But guys I checked all the time are names like Solomun, Paul Kalkbrenner, Luciano and Carl Cox to name a few.

What are your main goals for the label in the near future?

Pushing new talents and doing what we love the most: Inspiring people with quality and fresh music…

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