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Friday Fox Recordings is the record label behind the new, heavyweight Fatty Mombassa single ‘Soulcolonic’. Run by founders Christian B & Lavvy Levan, the label has been putting out high quality house music for nearly three years.

Christian B & Lavvy Levan founded Friday Fox Recordings in 2013 as an outlet for their own house music productions. Friends since childhood, both raised in musical households, and joined by the hardcore/jungle scene of the early 90s, Christian & Lavvy have been in love with music for a long time. With tastes and experience ranging from rock, pop, disco, funk, soul, house, jungle and garage, they decided the time was right to create a record label that would reflect their love for underground House.

Friday Fox Recordings saw its first release in spring 2014 with the Toe in Water EP featuring 4 tracks from the founding duo themselves. The EP did what it said on the tin and showed the boys dipping their toes into different styles and genres – with all four tracks showing individuality and helping them find their groove.

Toe in Water was closely followed by the remix EP, featuring the seminal Robot 84 remix of ‘Insatiable’. Filled with Techno influences, the Robot 84 remix, along with remixes from Paul Rhodes (2 Bad Mice) and Marc Rapson among others made a clear statement of intent for the label – there were no rules, and no conforming to expected subgenres.

What followed was to cement Friday Fox’s dedication to the more soulful side of their production with the Thank You EP. The title track listing the house, disco and dance influencers that the boys hold dear, culminating with the biggest thanks reserved for none-other than Frankie Knuckles who sadly passed away during the production of this track. It was here, along with the B-Side track ‘So Special’ that Lavvy’s vocals become more prominent – a trend that was set to continue.

On their 4th release ‘Let Me Down’ Christian and Lavvy explored two sides of the coin. The A-Side delved into the deep vocal style, whereas the B side ‘Let Me Disco Down’ saw them moving into a more upfront sample-based funky format. South Africa’s Rudi Botha provided the backdrop for the next release – the Blue EP – with Christian and Lavvy reworking the title track.

The 6th release from Friday Fox was a breakthrough – ‘Stand Up’ delved into a deeper, almost haunting bass-driven groove – only lightened by ‘that’ Piano riff. The same riff provided the basis for DJ Spen’s stand out remix, alongside remixes from Sonic Matta and Martin Bundsen.

‘Vigour’ was the next release, another deep yet accessible vocal-led House track which proved that the boys know how to stimulate the bigger rooms.

Sounds from the Den Vol. 1 marked the labels first journey into vinyl, in the form of a wide ranging 4 track compilation EP with tracks from Rudi Botha & Miggza and Romibuns. It was also the first time that the Fatty Mombassa name appeared. This alter-ego allows to boys to explore sample-driven grooves, initially on this EP with the infectiously positive ‘Be Good Do Good’.

Slipping back into the vocal-led the boys released ‘No Trouble’, a powerful and emotive dance floor track, with the quirky and funky ‘Your SH…’ on the B-Side.

Spring 2016 sees another two fine releases from Friday Fox Recordings; a second dose of the Sounds from the Den series is landing in May, featuring tracks from Fatty Mombassa, Rudi Botha & Miggza, Rob Slac and Kieron Ayres – again, coming on vinyl.

The second new release is the massively anticipated ‘Soulcolonic’ from Fatty Mombassa – a driving, jackin’ house experience that has won fans from across the house community, including IDMA-winner Shiba San, Full Intention, Severino (HMD) and many others. With a worldwide release date of 18th April 2016, this track, with it’s infectious disco based groove and now trademark spoken-word, is yet another reason Friday Fox is proving to be a true house music label that is here to stay.

With every release, the Friday Fox family grows – both in terms of producers and house music fans from the world-over. The label also runs its own ‘Friday Fox Sessions’ in and around London – parties that are dedicated to true House music, with DJing and Live PAs from Christian B & Lavvy Levan, alongside amazing DJ sets from the likes of Songs of Praise, John Jones, Martin Bundsen, Charlie Tee, Axel Lewis, Dare Me and many more.

Needless to say, these are exciting times for Christian & Lavvy, and for house music fans in general. Whether the boys are releasing their own music, or music from their friends and collaborators, Friday Fox Recordings has become a powerhouse of electronic excellence, with an enviable catalogue of releases.

Header photo by Will Ferguson.

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