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Part of a burgeoning house music scene in Budapest, Hungary, LoveStyle Records ride the borders between nu disco and melodic deep house with their colourful, hook-filled releases. With a slew of Beatport chart placings, a sizeable social media following and major players licensing their tracks for compilations, their hard work and quality A&Ring is really paying dividends. Our label services team got the lowdown on the label in the month they hit their landmark 75th release.

What’s the story behind your label? How did it come into existence?

Our label will be three years old in April 2016. The story behind is really simple. We have established the label with my good friend Bo-Cash and myself (Legendary Boy).

Before the label existed we were always thinking about creating a label, so we can give out good tracks to the crowd and we can show our taste to the world. We also hoped to make all the people happy while they are listening and/or playing our tracks in the parties or wherever!  

How was the name chosen?

To choose the best name was the hardest part of all the things. When we started to search tracks for the first releases we had the name Wicked Love Records – but we discarded that name pretty quickly after. Then it came to LoveStyle Records. Love for the music.

What is the label’s ethos, and has it been that way from the start?

There is no definitive ethos or ways or anything; we just want to release quality music from time to time. Hopefully we are on the right path.

How did you go about sourcing and choosing your first few releases?

It’s not a secret at all, as all beginnings are hard. Ours was also really, really hard. We were searching for tracks all days and nights for almost 4-5 months before the very first release. We had almost planned the first year of the label, as we had releases monthly at the beginning.

What have been your most successful releases?

The most successful releases of ours was the ‘Hold You’ remix by Millok for Inner Rebels & Liva K guys. Also the remake of the old classic ‘Crush’ by Veselina Popova and the Deepjack & Mr.Nu DJ / producer duo remix of Liva K – and Kovary’s remix also went pretty well and reached great positions on Beatport.

What do you think the most important elements of running a label successfully are? What advice would you give someone setting up a label of their own?

If you are doing it with all of your heart and you believe in yourself and in your artists and then the success will come for sure! You must be persistent and humble as well. If you will receive a negative criticism or feedback you need to learn how to learn from it!

Which other labels do you really admire and why?

The absolute favourite labels of ours are Defected and Hed Kandi. As children we were raised on their music. Luckily, booth of the labels licensed tracks from our imprint, so we are really happy that the life gave us that opportunity.

Which artists would you love to have on the label?

Huh, tough question. As we want to move a bit more to housey music in the future, maybe from some bigger names like Milk & Sugar, Oliver $, Purple Disco Machine and more…

What’s the benefit for you of working with MN2S’ label services team?

The absolute benefit of the MN2S label services team is that we can work with a lot of cool guys/girls who are really professional. They are fast and helpful, and they have great connections in the music industry.

What’s coming up on the label?

As I mentioned it before, we want to move slowly to house – that’s the first plan now.
Also, we want to try to keep the quality level of our releases in the future and bring you real hits. Hopefully, our label nights will start in the next summer too, as we are working on that since a more than a year ago. We want to make those hot and really professional.

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