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UK deep house label Roots For Bloom has been making waves since its very first sell-out release, doing a roaring trade both digitally and on vinyl. Favouring lesser-known, upcoming talents over established names, their success is even more impressive when you consider this approach – and it’s all down to the excellent A&R skills of label boss Jamie Trench. We asked him to tell us more about this burgeoning imprint and its offshoot, RFBCOLOURS.

What’s the story behind your label? How did it come into existence?

I started the label mainly as an output for the music I had that I was confident was strong enough for an EP – but which I wasn’t getting replies from nearly all labels about. I picked two tracks I felt worked well together, had one remixed and did a second version of one myself – and that was the first EP. I had them pressed myself – white label and stamp at the ready – and drove them down to Juno and asked the buyer there to check them out. He took a few which sold out quickly, so took some more which again sold out – so then he took the rest.

How was the name chosen?

The name reflects the fact that I was at the roots level and I felt these tracks needed to bloom basically.

What is the label’s ethos, and has it been that way from the start?

Following on from the last question, that basically covers the ethos – but obviously now I’ve expanded to wanting to give others the chance to break their music as well. I really enjoy taking and asking for demos from fairly unknown artists knowing that the music is great and putting it out there. A lot of labels will probably think this is mad as a lot will need the guarantee of previous sellers from artists, but I enjoy it and it’s great to see an artist flourish from a strong EP.

How did you go about sourcing and choosing your first few releases?

The first release was from myself, and the second was a guy from Brazil I was speaking to online. From there I invited more friends on board with Angus Jefford, Mike Gill, Daniel Dalton, Rebel, Michael James and more; all generally people I’ve either known personally or spoken to a lot online.

What have been your most successful releases?

The first release sold out the quickest – I think all 250 copies and 20 tests in the end sold out in 11 days. Since then, Shag Edits Vol. 1 did really well, also selling out – so we repressed and then that sold out again. I saw a big surge in sales when people like Darius Syrossian and Hector Couto started supporting my track ‘Velvet Curtains’ again a few years after it was released. Also Move D included ‘Bringing Tha Heat’ on his fabric CD which was a great help.

What do you think the most important elements of running a label successfully are? What advice would you give someone setting up a label of their own?

Be confident in your taste of music. Try not to be swayed by scenes, fads or what’s popular too much. If you enjoy the music and feel others may too, then put it out there.

Which other labels do you really admire and why?

Music Is Love has always been a brother to my label as we started around the same time and Oli (Furness who runs the label) and myself regularly help each other out with what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong and so on. I have to give Kev Griffiths and Tsuba a shout out as again he has been a great help with all sorts over the years since I met him. Craigie Knowes is definitely one to watch for as well, run by a sound bunch of lads up in scotland who know whats up when it comes to good music.

Last but not least, Razor n Tape. I pretty much buy their releases on sight. I had the pleasure of playing with JKriv not too long ago in Paris as well and he was a great guy.

Which artists would you love to have on the label?

I love a lot of stuff WBeeza puts out, Carter Bros, anything by John Swing. Legends-wise I’d have to say people like Mood II Swing, Herbert, Ian Pooley. I love all those guys.

What’s the benefit for you of working with MN2S’ label services team?

Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with at MN2S. He is always on top of things and great with sorting any little niggles that spring up. He really makes the process as smooth as possible, which is a big help.

What’s coming up on the label?

With Roots For Bloom I have the fifth in the line of Shag Edits coming and for RFBCOLOURS I have a split EP with JammHot and myself, with two tracks from each of us. Both releases I’m really excited about and I’ve got more in the pipeline after that.

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