03 May 2017

My Favorite Robot Records is among Mixmag’s list of potential Labels of the Decade.

Mixmag’s Label of the Decade project allows electronic music fans to nominate any label they like for the top prize. Before the nominations started piling in, Mixmag themselves got the ball rolling by suggesting some of their favourite records for viewers to nominate. Among them: My Favorite Robot Records.

My Favorite Robot Records has worked with MN2S Label Services since 2012, meaning we’ve been working together for exactly half of the 2007-2017 period the label is nominated for. The Canadian label was founded by Voytek Korab, James Teej and Jared Simms, named after their recording group of the same name.

My Favorite Robot Records releases over the past ten years more than justify their inclusion on this list of suggested labels. The label started out releasing music from the My Favorite Robots trio alone, along with “Stimulus Package” compilation albums. Before long, they began to release music by others. Now the likes of Timo Maas, Fairmont, Jonny Cruz, Tim Paris, NAOME, Eric Volta and Kenny Glasgow have all put out tracks or albums on My Favorite Robot Records.

Readers can nominate their favourite record labels for the Label of the Decade prize at Mixmag now. Whether it’s My Favorite Robot Records or any of the others from MN2S Label Group, head to Mixmag to make your voice heard.

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