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In today’s digital landscape social media has become one of the most important aspects of the marketing mix. Anyone can post a message to Facebook or compose a tweet, to do so effectively is another matter entirely.

As part of the services we offer to labels we can take care of all social media needs, from developing strategy, managing social accounts and implementing campaigns.

Developing social media strategy

There are three key elements to developing a social media strategy. Encouraging fan growth through organic content, increasing reach which can be attained either organically or through specific campaigns and creating an online community by engaging your audience.

Also as we expand and develop social media channels we will track everything through the use of the latest analytic software. This allows us to measure strengths and build upon them in a constructive manner.

Managing social accounts

We can manage social media channels to the any degree required, our involvement is dictated by the needs of the client. We can put together a one off campaign or if preferred we offer full time account management.

Frequently posting and sharing relevant content is a key factor in building a social media presence, it ensures an audience remains engaged with a brand and increases the potential for sharing and therefore reach. We also endeavour to engage the audience via the comments, responding and directly conversing with followers to build brand loyalty.

As well as raising awareness for the label social media is also a great promotional platform, allowing us to push latest releases, remixes, artist signings and events.

Implementing campaigns

On top of organic growth we can implement and monitor a variety of campaigns. Through pay per click models and paid advertising we can significantly boost reach for specific content.

When it comes to releases we also organise and promote banner campaigns for all the major online retailers, in turn we can promote those campaigns through social media.

Everything we offer for social media management is per request, meaning you can retain as much control as you wish in building your social audience. For more information or to define a strategy that works for you contact us today and we will find a solution that suits you.

Social Media Apps” by Jason Howie is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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