16 March 2017

Streaming platform SoundCloud has updated its revenue-sharing policy to allow DJs to earn money from their mixes.

The update, revealed exclusively to Thump this week, allows producers and DJs to make money from any mixes, sets and remixes they upload to SoundCloud.

The revenue-sharing SoundCloud Premier program is so far in the invite-only stage, though Thump have been told it is now due to be expanded. Current participants are known to be Little Simz, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Toni Romiti, StarRo and Chance the Rapper.

Stream DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Boiler Room mix here to potentially earn him money:

The change comes after SoundCloud’s deals with Universal Music Publishing and PRS for Music allowed the platform to feature music from major label artists on a subscription-based service. Initially, this arrangement only appeared to benefit larger signed artists, with some unlicensed remixes and mixes from DJs still being taken down. However, the takedown rate has since dropped by a huge 40%.

A representative for SoundCloud told Thump that this step towards revenue-sharing was a “natural evolution” for the site, suggesting the number of artists involved is likely increase rapidly. Producers and musicians can register their interest in SoundCloud Premier for a chance to share the revenue from their work.

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Register your interest in SoundCloud Premier here.

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