MN2S Label Services department has had a great year, servicing over 250 independent labels across house, techno, garage and more.

We work with a broad range of successful labels, and tracks from those imprints are often featured prominently by streaming services, music outlets and publications.

This year, Traxsource have featured an incredible ten of our Label Services clients in their yearly round-up of Top Soulful House Artists. Soulful house is a speciality at MN2S, and we have a long history of working alongside some of the most successful artists and labels within the genre. Artists from three of the labels we work with have appeared in the top five: DJ Spen of Quantize Recordings, Reelsoul of Reelsoul Musik and Terry Hunter of T’s Box and T’s Crates. We also have six clients in the top 20.

Here’s a list of where our Label Services clients placed in the Top 100.

#2 - DJ Spen (Quantize Recordings/unquantize)

#3-  Reelsoul (Reelsoul Musik)

#4 - Terry Hunter (T’s Box/T’s Crates)

#16 - Stacy Kidd (House 4 Life Records)

#18 - DjPope (Poji Records)

#19 - Paris Cesvette (Our People | Our Music)

#45 - Doug Gomez (Merecumbe Recordings)

#46 - Booker T (Liquid Deep)

#75 - Luyo (Double Cheese Records)

#97 - Antonello Ferrari (Sunflowermusic Record)

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