Released 1st March, ‘Gqoma’ is a radically unique new single that’s set to resonate on dancefloors globally throughout 2019.

Toya Delazy has released her first single of 2019, ‘Gqoma’. A bold and visionary artist, she offers up a truly 21st-century sound that draws from her South African heritage while remaining squarely rooted in the cultural and sonic identity of her adopted hometown of London, England.

Effortlessly laying down bi-lingual flows over a dizzying, club-ready beat, ‘Gqoma’ – produced by Raf Riley – sees genre-bending artist Toya Delazy hitting her stride and harnessing her limitless energy while living up to the promise of early singles ‘London Town’ and ‘My City’. Wall-shaking bass, blunt-force percussion and irrepressible rhythms that flex from London to Zululand: ‘Gqoma’ is a radically unique take on global-bass and electro that’s set to resonate on dancefloors worldwide throughout 2019.

’Gqoma’ means ‘it bangs’, and that is what the song does: it’s about loosening up and feeling yourself, releasing pent-up energy.

Unconstrained by the limitations of genre, Toya operates in the space between electro, jazz, grime and hip-hop, synthesising her influences into a diverse aesthetic that transcends borders both artistic and geographical. Taking to the stage at Bestival, London Pride, the Old Blue Last, and the Jazz Café, Delazy has developed a revelatory live performance that has to be seen to be believed.

Driven by a fearlessly independent spirit, an irrepressible passion for music, and an uncompromising commitment to being herself, Toya Delazy is an inspiration to all those who seek to forge their own identity. This outspoken artist stands as an icon for the oppressed and repressed, sending out a clarion call to individualists across the world: stand tall and be proud of who you are.

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