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MN2S PR are thrilled to be working with intimacy coach and media personality Brenden Durell.

Brenden Durell is an intimacy expert, coach, mentor, and tantra guide specializing in
men’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. His work spans a variety of disciplines,
including sacred sexuality, intimacy coaching, breathwork, plant medicine and tantra.
Driven by a core philosophy that emphasizes freedom in both the mind and body,
Brenden’s mission is to guide others towards achieving wellbeing and reaching
wholesome outcomes in their lives while making a positive impact on the wider world.

Beginning his career in professional sports, Brenden played baseball on an international level.
While travelling the world and visiting over 60 countries, Brenden began soaking up wisdom and
practices from various cultures, teachers and shamans across the globe, seeking out methods
and techniques for positive change, growth and personal development. This led Brenden to set
up a coaching business and dedicate himself to helping others on their journey towards peace
of mind and holistic wellbeing. He has since grown the business tenfold, coached hundreds of
individuals across the globe, and worked with notable figures from all walks of life.

Follow Brenden Durell on Instagram.

A noted television personality and podcast host, Brenden has appeared in several seaons of the
popular Netflix show Too Hot To Handle, helping the contestants understand their emotions
through one-on-one workshops. Brenden has also been featured in numerous publications,
including Men’s Health, Tantra, Breathwork, and Cacao. He regularly shares advice, tips and
guidance drawn from his practice across his popular social media channels to hundreds of
thousands of followers across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

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