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MN2S PR are thrilled to be working with a new client, wellbeing expert Terrence the Teacher.

Terrence the Teacher is a wellbeing expert, mindfulness coach, and clinical
hypnotherapist on a lifelong mission to empower people to transform their minds and
achieve their goals. Through the teaching of practical methods and time-tested techniques, Terrence helps people access their inner resources and harness the human mind’s phenomenal potential for change, growth and development.

Using a combination of mindfulness teaching, NLP and clinical
hypnotherapy, in addition to years of insights garnered from his three decades of experience
empowering his clients, Terrence helps people embark on their journey towards healing and
self-discovery. Terrence’s philosophy, and his ability to help others, is grounded in the uplifting story of his own path to achieving wisdom and success. Orphaned as a child, Terrence has overcome significant personal challenges to become one of the world’s leading wellness experts. Beginning his
career in the health and fitness industry, he worked as a personal trainer and pilates teacher.

Follow Terrence the Teacher on Instagram.

Terrence also spreads his message through eye-opening social media content, shared to over
250,000 followers worldwide, and has developed two best-selling apps in health and fitness.
This year, Terrence has been shortlisted for a coveted SME Award, and will be launching a
podcast series and publishing his first book, aimed at sharing his story and teachings with
readers across the globe.

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