The MN2S PR services team works on behalf of artists, labels, celebrities and brands to shape public perception and increase awareness and recognition.

We can secure prominent coverage in print, online and visual media, drawing on an extensive network of contacts to execute successful campaigns that are tailored to your individual needs.

In the music and media industries, perception is everything. The public relations specialists at MN2S can help to shape the way you are presented in the press and media, how the public views you and your brand. By securing the right coverage in the right publications and online outlets, a well-executed PR campaign can do wonders for an artist’s career. Check out our “Three P’s” – three ways that our PR services can boost your career and benefit you directly.


Promotion is key. A central aim of any PR strategy is to make the public aware of you and your brand. Not only to plant your name in the minds of those who haven’t heard of you, but to remind those that already know about you that you’re still relevant, and busy doing what you do best. Increased awareness leads to a higher profile, with more eyes on you and your next move. That means more people will talk about you, and write about you – and if you’re an artist, that means higher streaming numbers, and more gig tickets sold.

Though PR and advertisement both aim to increase awareness, there’s a difference: awareness gained from PR is more valuable, as often it’s not perceived as mere advertisement or promotion. If you read about a band in your preferred newspaper, or website, it’s more likely to influence you than simply seeing their poster on the subway.


Don’t believe that old adage: “any publicity is good publicity”. It’s simply not true. Yes, attention is good, but you should aim for the right kind of attention. A successful PR strategy will not get you noticed, but also change how you are viewed – by shaping the public’s perception of you, your music and your brand. This can create a public narrative for you and your career, a story that defines you. If you and your PR team don’t carefully engineer this story, then the media will do it for you. It’s better that it’s under your control, allowing you to determine how you are perceived.

There’s no doubt that consistent positive coverage will lead to an improved reputation. People trust the opinions of their preferred publications, and if the right outlets – be that print, online, TV or radio – speak highly of you, then public opinion will follow. Good PR not only creates a positive public image, but also establishes a relationship with your target audience and with the media itself. This can open up new avenues for you, boosting your profile and expanding your fanbase.


Promotion and perception are useful in and of themselves, but what’s your ultimate aim? To further your career, and (let’s face it) make more money. Increased awareness and positive coverage will generate higher stream counts and video views – which in turn, will generate record and ticket sales. Artists that are well-known make more money, and artists that are well-known and well-liked make even more. Once your brand is established and public perception of you and your music is improved, new opportunities will appear, allowing your career to advance to the next level. In the entertainment industry, perception is everything: “big-name” artists play larger venues and festivals, sign to bigger labels, sell more records and enjoy more success. With the right PR team behind you, the opportunities are endless.

MN2S offers a comprehensive PR services package that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Find out more here.

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