“I’m crazy like a Moschino Shirt!”

Alloy are back with their second single Moschino Shirt’ and fans of the track can now check out the official music video on GRM Daily.

The single is taken from the London-based duo’s upcoming debut album ‘Freebass’, which will be released this year. ‘Moschino Shirt’ is a heavy dose of street music that unites the unapologetic attitude of rap and hip-hop with the electric energy of UK hard-core, Bass Music and Garage. With a chorus inspired by the iconic Moschino shirts – “growing up, Moschino was crazy in the streets”, the track features Alloy’s members Shack and Ivory trading verses over a beat that’s as loud as a Moschino Shirt.

“Moschino Shirt is a direct link to our London roots and the fashion that coloured it.”

Following on from the chart success of his London rap group Bakery Boys, with singles ‘Get Away’ and ‘Hustlin Behaviour’ heavily rotated on MTV, and with shutdown performances at Wireless Festival plus tour support for Big Sean under his belt, lead member Shack Baker takes a sabbatical from Bakery Boys to focus on a new project with his South London brother-in-arms, underground dance artist and emcee, Ivory.

Moschino Shirt’s hook is a direct link to the pair’s London roots and the fashion that inspires them. But rather than reminiscing on a nostalgic tribute track, the lyrics reference some of the pair’s current entrepreneurial endeavours. From Ivory’s lyrics ‘white gold grill, zero chill’ and ‘6 ounces on my fingers’ talking about his Hatton Garden grillz and jewellery business, to alcohol references for Shack’s drinks distribution company.

Drawing inspiration from legendary groups such as Onyx, The Clash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, N.E.R.D & Run The Jewels, Alloy seek to build upon and reinvigorate the amazing legacy of great British dance acts such as Tricky, Goldie & The Prodigy. With a video shot in Peckham, South London, featuring good friend and model/artist Nick Sinclair aka Twenny Two, this song is powered by raw London style and energy.

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