Bake the ultimate Father's Day cake with Ruby Bhogal | MN2S

Ruby Bhogal contributed this tantalising recipe to GQ just in time for Father’s Day.

Check out Ruby’s recipe via the GQ website.

In her latest recipe for GQ, Ruby Bhogal teaches readers how to make the perfect cake for Father’s Day!  This perfect-for-summer offering includes Irish cream, dark chocolate, cherries and orange – delicious!

Speaking about the bake, Ruby said “This one is suitable for your father, suitable for you, just not so suitable for any kids. Why? Lots of booze and lots of chocolate, which makes for lots of things kids shouldn’t have. Which I am not entirely mad at because it means less people to fight over this with, so you are welcome.”

“While the market is saturated with a shedload of recipes for Mother’s Day, bakes for Father’s Day isn’t really a thing. Bouquet cupcakes for your old man, anyone?”

You can find more of Ruby’s creations on her Instagram page.

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