The American hip-hop artist has announced his next full-length LP, featuring production from DJ Premier and contributions from MF Doom.

“nehruvia: my disregarded thoughts” is the album that’s set to complete Bishop Nehru’s transformation from hip-hop wunderkind to fully-fledged member of the establishment, sitting alongside the greats – Kendrick Lamar, Nas, MF DOOM – that have been supporting him since day one. Recorded and engineered in the legendary DJ Premier’s with production from former collaborator Premier himself, Bishop and MF Doom, this jaw-dropping piece of hip-hop artistry is scheduled for release via Bishop Nehru’s label Nehruvia on Friday November 8th, 2018. Check out the video for the album’s first single, “In My Zone”, below: the track is set to feature in the upcoming video game NBA 2K20.

The album announcement has already been covered in CLASH, HiphopDX and AllHipHop, with more exciting coverage coming in as the buzz surrounding the release grows. Open, honest and raw, Bishop Nehru’s latest record confirms his status as an artist unafraid to explore every corner of the emotional spectrum, following his boundless creativity to wherever it may take him. “nehruvia: my disregarded thoughts” exposes and explores Bishop’s thoughts with more clarity, dexterity and confidence than ever before, but don’t let the title fool you: these thoughts won’t be disregarded.

“I’ve become way more comfortable making music, more confident than ever before in how I present my music. Now, nobody is better than me.”

Bishop Nehru

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