Bishop Nehru has shared a video for “Me and My Thoughts”, the second single from his forthcoming full-length project. This career-defining LP is slated for release via Nehruvia on November 8th, 2018.

Recorded in the legendary DJ Premier’s studio in Queens, with production credits from Premier, MF DOOM and Bishop himself, My Disregarded Thoughts is set to finalise the rapper’s progression from hip-hop wunderkind to fully-fledged member of the establishment, sitting alongside the greats – Nas, Kendrick Lamar, DOOM – that have been championing his talents since he dropped his first track.

The video for “Me and My Thoughts” playfully depicts Bishop in every colour through the vintage lens of a ‘80s VHS aesthetic, letting viewers witness the rapper performing in his element, casually delivering understated flows that hark back to golden-era hip-hop over a beat built from swingin’ jazz samples and a militant kick-snare combo that’ll have heads nodding every time the track pops up on radio.

“The title is self-explanatory: it’s a song about me and my thoughts on myself and my music. I’m saying that confidence in your own abilities is key and understanding what you want for yourself is essential.”

Bishop Nehru

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