The former Olympic champion appears in POSTSCRIPT’s latest print edition, reflecting on her illustrious career in athletics.

The MN2S PR team recently worked with POSTSCRIPT magazine on their latest and third edition, the “Defiance Issue”. The latest publication of the magazine features Christine Ohuruogu, who was photographed and interviewed for a special profile piece that “reflects on her athletics career in conversation with Slowe Club founder Ro Jackson.”

“For our third issue, we explore the theme of DEFIANCE, featuring stories of transformative resistance, political radicalism and positions of non-conformity, and highlighting those rebelling against the status quo to drive cultural and structural change.”


Christine Ohuruogu is a record-breaking British track and field athlete and an Olympic champion. Specialising in the 400 metres, she is also a double World champion, having triumphed at the 400 m at the World Championships in 2007 and 2013. Ohuruogu earned an Olympic medal in the 4 x 400 m relay at both the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2016 Rio Games: she shares a record with Usain Bolt and Merlene Ottey for medalling in the most successive global championships, and was the first British female to win two World Championship titles.

“I haven’t had any time off since I was a kid. For as long as I’ve known always been doing sport, every day has been punctuated by thoughts of track.”

Christine Ohuruogu

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