DJ Spen is back, appearing in FMS Magazine’s Ask The DJ feature.

In celebration of the release of Spen’s Quantize Miami Sampler 2019, compiled and mixed by the US house icon himself, he reveals his favourite “gospel tunes to give you hope” exclusively for FMS. Selections include classic gems from The Clark Sisters, Diane Williams and James Cleveland.

Speaking about his love for gospel music, Spen told FMS that “at the end of the day, gospel music represents happiness and love to me – not to mention the amazing vocals. So while all my music isn’t necessarily gospel, I love to bring a positive message through my music. There’s nothing better for me than seeing someone’s smile light up the dance floor because of my music or a person telling me that my music uplifted them or gave them hope.” 

Check out DJ Spen’s Top Ten gospel classics.

“I know that it might be a little unusual for a DJ to use gospel music for a Top 10, but gospel music is intrinsic to who I am.”

DJ Spen
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