Two of our talent agents gave their take on the reality of the celebrity personal appearance scene today.

The talent department at MN2S works with some of the biggest names and brands in the worlds of entertainment, sport, comedy, and social media (including Caitlyn Jenner, Ben Stokes, Ashley Walters and Jamie Jewitt) Natasha Hill and Flora McCluskey are ambitious and driven experts in their field. The two talent agents recently spoke with VICE for a feature exploring the rise in celebrity club night appearances and DJ sets.

Click here to read the full VICE article.

In a feature that examines the cultural trends laying behind this increasingly popular phenomenon, two of our talent agents gave insightful viewpoints that are now featured prominently in one of the internet’s most respected online publications. Flora observed that “it was the rise of reality programs like Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex that led to the highly competitive, highly structured PA [personal appearance] industry we have now”, while Natasha commented: “club appearances and PR stunts go back as long as clubs have existed.”

“Over the past decade, celebrity personal appearances have become synonymous with uni club nights. […] In many ways, it seems we’re living in the golden age of the celeb club PA.”

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