Our marketing team are thrilled to be working with the exceptionally talented DJ/production duo AAMac.

AAMac are a pair of DJs and producers with a singular vision. Describing their sound as “experimental, uplifting, contemplative and wholesomely dirty”, this forward-thinking duo produce some of the most radical and inventive dance music out there, taking influence from greats such as Autechre, Aphex Twin and Four Tet. As gigging DJs, they play IDM and braindance across the UK and Europe while creating guest mixes for podcasts and radio shows across the globe.

Check out AAMac’s website.

Finding acclaim as dub heroes the Guerrilla Dub System, these two hit the top of the Beatport Charts not once, but twice, reaching the top five a total of five times during the course of their career. Now shifting their focus towards a progressive new sound, they’re focusing their energy on the fertile territories of IDM, braindance and electronica, breaking the boundaries of electronic music with music that puts the “I” in IDM.

“AAMac produce experimental, uplifting, intelligent dance music. We also play experimental dance music out live, as gigging DJs. We are a duo of DJ / producers who show integrity, purposefulness and professionalism in all aspects of our work.”


For more information about AAMac or to speak to a member of our PR team, get in touch.

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