We are delighted to welcome the amazing reggaeton artist Amber Donoso to the MN2S family.

Represented for publicity by Tessa Harrison in the UK and Daniela Suarez in the USA, Amber is about to unleash her hotly anticipated new single “Cheer You Up”, debuting a brand new Latin-inspired sound. The track –  out on 11th December – stokes anticipation for a series of phenomenal releases that will introduce the world to a gifted artist ready to dominate both Latin America, North America, the UK and beyond, with music that colours the kinetic rhythms and rapturous spirit of reggaeton with neon-bright shades of R&B and pop.

This exceptionally talented singer and songwriter was born in the UK and frequently travelled between London and Chile during her childhood. Making waves in the worlds of fashion and modelling, Amber never lost focus on her true passion for singing and songwriting, absorbing musical influences from both sides of the Atlantic while remaining deeply rooted in the rhythms of South America and the sounds of reggaeton.

Check out Amber Donoso’s Instagram.

After recent recording sessions in Miami’s Rebel 11 Studios and working with top-tier producers, engineers and songwriters such as Santana, Ricardo Quintero, Los Rumbos and Jud Mahoney (known collectively for working with artists including Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee and Justin Timberlake) Amber has recorded a collection of singles that are set to light the music industry on fire in 2020, pushing forward a trailblazing crossover between the vitality and vigour of reggaeton, the melodic sensuality of R&B and the gorgeously catchy pop of Shakira and Gwen Stefani.

Singing confidently in both Spanish and English, she builds bridges between genres, bringing together diverse sounds to produce something that reflects not only her Latin background, but her unique personality: luminous, bold and beautiful, Amber’s music shines as brightly as she does.

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