Award-winning reggae artist Omari Banks recently spoke with The Cricketer to discuss the significance of meaningful lyrics, along with the impact they can have on society. 

Over the course of Banks’ interview with The Cricketer, he discussed everything from his passion for cricket to the importance of lyrical activism. During the interview Banks commented: “there is cricket to discuss, but so much more that isn’t cricket – topics that include systemic discrimination, activism through song-writing and the essence of leadership”. 

After traveling across the globe as a professional cricketer for 12 years, Banks decided to take a sharp turn in life and pursue his passion for music instead. He’s best known for his 2013 hit single ‘No Point to Prove’. It was this song that landed him his first spot on the charts and sparked a music career that’s gone from strength to strength. Utilizing complex lyrics and melodies, Banks pushes for social justice and change through his music. 

“Cricket is a brilliant thing, I love it, and 10 years ago my answer may have been different. But there is something about music, which has a connection to people, and when you get it right it is almost mythical.”

Omari Banks

“I think that’s what I find very liberating about music: especially as an artist, you can speak your word,” he explains. “Within music, it’s understood that you see life through its totality – not just in boxes. I live my life outside the box, I’ve always been that kind of person. I think ultimately, my music is about the principles of respecting people, loving people, appreciating life and just embracing each day and growth for what it is.”

Check out Omari Banks’ latest single ‘Like a King’ below. 

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