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Britain’s GBBO favourite has offered up her own unique take on the “recipe we all need right now.”

Keeping up with a fantastic ongoing series of recipes dreamed up exclusively for GQ Online, Ruby Bhogal has served up readers her own version of a classic dish. The go-to choice for anyone under the weather, chicken soup is a staple of Western cooking, and has been gifted with a new life through the addition of Asian flavours in the ever-popular chicken noodle soup. Bringing together ginger, chillies, mushrooms, soy sauce and more, Ruby’s take on the dish is a gorgeously curative bowl of steaming hot comfort that despite its warmth and familiarity, ventures a little outside the culinary boundaries of your average chicken soup.

Check out Ruby’s recipe on the GQ website.

“This one is perfect to try when you’re after a change from your standard takeaway or you’re after a use for any soggy vegetables verging on getting binned. It’s a one-pot wonder and will take you no longer than about 20 mins to do. It’s flavourful, it’s comforting, it’s hugely filling and to top it all off, it’s even bloody healthy.”

Ruby Bhogal in GQ Online

Water, stock and soy sauce form the base of this soup, before garlic, ginger, chilli, spring onions and mushrooms bring a variety of flavours, textures and colours to brighten up the bowl. Vegetarians can easily substitute the shredded chicken for tofu, which will absorb the broth and become flavourful and decadent. Easy to make and even easier to devour, this one’s perfect for those long and lazy Sundays spent at home in lockdown.

“Try Ruby Bhogal’s restorative chicken noodle soup, it’s hearty, healthy and healing. Side note: in times of trouble, even Bake Off stars forsake the cake occasionally.”

GQ Online

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