The GBBO favourite and influencer extraordinaire has shared a sensational new recipe with GQ Online.

Ruby Bhogal has served up another fantastic recipe in an ongoing series contributed to GQ Online. This edition sees the star baker whip up an entire pizza in a single pan, without even pausing to rest the dough. Perhaps the most simple and easy pizza recipe out there, this one’s perfect for a Saturday evening in lockdown, letting readers get their fast food fix without even picking up the phone.


Speaking about her latest recipe, Ruby recommended that readers “use whatever toppings you want or keep it as simple as I have – this is my lightly spiced take on a classic margherita. Same mozzarella and basil on top, but this time spicing up the standard tomato base with some chilli flakes and jalapeños bringing a mellow heat, while the dried mushrooms and parmesan add another level of yum to this speedy lunch or dinner option.”

“The title kinda says it all, doesn’t it? What more is there to say other than you can make a pizza in a pan in 20 minutes. Yes 20 minutes people. Deliver-who, am I right? 

Ruby Bhogal in GQ

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