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You might be wondering how to start a music festival: everyone’s at it these days. Here’s our four fundamental pieces of advice for anyone who’s ever thought about how to organise a music festival.

Our four-step plan for organising a music festival:

  1. Devise a Clear Concept
  2. Make a Business Plan
  3. Book the Right Talent
  4. Put Together a Festival Checklist

It has become extremely common for music festivals to pop up and create a buzz, but then fail miserably. Some festivals even last a few years but ultimately do not pass the test of time. Festivals are born from great ideas, concepts, and a strong vision, but if you want your festival to succeed, you need to prepare properly. If you’re thinking about how to start a music festival, then consider asking MN2S Programming department to help you develop a line-up that fits your audience and your budget. Here are some tools to ensure your great idea for a music festival comes to fruition, gains an established audience, and has the financial stability to return stronger each year.

Clear Concept

A great idea is one thing, but a successful festival requires a vision that is strong and has direction, so others can see what you are trying to create and want to get involved. What vibe are you trying to go for, what genres are you trying to showcase, who is your target audience, what is your festival’s aesthetic, and how many stages do you plan on having? These are all questions that need to be asked when considering how to organise a music festival. Once your concept is fully developed, then you can get started on the details.

Business Plan

In order to put your idea in action, you need a detailed business plan. Your budget will affect many of the decisions you make regarding your festival. This includes securing a venue and making sure it is accessible and can house the expected capacity of your audience. The venue can make or break the event. One must consider that amount of people that will be entering and leaving the festival at the same time. The venue also needs to be appropriate for the type of musical artist you plan on hosting.

Another thing to consider when contemplating how to start a music festival is the selling of admissions and the need for a potential ticketing partner. These logistical challenges can be easily overlooked but are crucial to having a successful event. MN2S booking agency and programming department has a long history of working with various venues and promoters. We can recommend locations for your festival that suit your budget and audience. Our services also include handling administration and logistics, so no important step or detail gets overlooked.

Booking Talent

At the end of the day, the most important factor in selling tickets is your lineup. Once you’ve established a secure business plan, you can approach artists. Getting popular headliners is important but filling your lineup with up-and-coming relevant artists will make your event memorable. MN2S’ programming services are coordinated by experienced agents who will identify artists that are best suited for your festival.

We will work with you to program a lineup of artists that are relevant in multiple genres, complement each other, and will appeal to your audience. We also have experience buying and selling talent. We will negotiate contracts and ensure that you are paying the best price possible. Our experience in the music industry has given us knowledge and connections which empower us to ensure your success.

Festival Checklist

The downfall of festivals can be credited to their lack of attention to detail. A checklist is necessary when putting together a large scale event. Have you obtained the proper permits to put on your event? Will you be selling food and alcohol? Find out what the rules are required for the location and what documents may be needed. When people pay for a live music experience, they have basic expectations for what is to be included. You will also need to communicate with artists on what sound equipment they can expect at the venue and what they need to bring. Another vital detail is security, not only for your artists but for your audience. These are all hugely important details to consider when figuring out how to organise a music festival.

Thinking about how to organise a music festival?

Starting a music festival does not have to be difficult when you have the proper tools in place to help you succeed. Your festival can thrive for years to come with the proper attention to detail and planning, and a line-up put together by professionals. The MN2S programming team can assist you in taking care of the details so your artistic vision can become a reality.

If you’re thinking about how to organise a music festival…

get in touch with the MN2S programming department today.

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