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The Show That Even GBBO Fans Can Sink Their Teeth Into

When the Great British Bake Off moved over to Channel 4 this year, BBC 1 was left with a primetime cooking show slot to fill – and fill it they did, with The Big Family Cooking Showdown. Hosted by former GBBO winner Nadiya, along with Zoe Ball, the show is judged by Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager.

Although it has much in common with the show which it replaces, there are major differences too. Instead of a single contestant, families compete against one another, and rather than focusing on baking, the show encompasses a wide range of family cooking challenges.

Each episode of the heats sees two families competing against one another over three rounds – the £10 Challenge in which teams must prepare two courses for four on a budget, the Home Visits Challenge in which each team cooks and serves a main course and a dessert for the judges in their own home kitchen and the Impress the Neighbours Challenge, whereby the teams create their finest starter and a main course, with no budget.

Big family cooking showdown

The Gangotra Family

In the semi-finals, the teams take on different challenges. These include What’s In the Fridge? Which is designed to tests the creativity of home cooks with a limited range of ingredients, Perfect Puddings in which teams must create classic family desserts and Nation’s Favourite With a Twist which asks families for a unique take on a British classic.

The final of the show will see the remaining families in the competition pitted against each other to create a spread for a family get-together. Everything from nibbles to main courses and desserts will be included in a time-limited challenge.

So far the show has been well received, drawing in audiences of more than three million people for every episode to date, thanks in part to the draw of the warm and likeable Nadiya. The risk taken by the BBC in moving away from a baking show format has paid off, and you can be sure we’ll be tuning in to the final!

If you’re interested in what Bake Off winner Nadiya could bring to an event that you’re planning, get in touch with our talent agency. Her warm charm and foodie expertise are sure to go down a storm with any audience – as The Big Family Cooking Showdown has proven!

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