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Bring that famous face to your Christmas Entertainment and kick off the festive season.

The Christmas lights switch on is a peculiarly British tradition observed across the UK. Whether thousands of people are crowding down Oxford Street to see a famous face hit the big red button or a few hundred are filling a local marketplace to see a local girl-done-good switch on the lights, it’s an integral part of the Christmas season.

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If you’re in charge of booking a celebrity for the Christmas lights switch on, it’s crucial to follow a few simple rules. Choose someone local for your Christmas entertainment when you can, and pick someone who will be a hit with audiences spanning a wide range of interests and ages. Finally, for extra brownie points, book someone with a talent they can perform for the crowd like a singer – you can make a short event into more of an occasion.

We’ve picked out some top celebrities on the books here at MN2S talent agency who would be perfect for the job:

Sir Trevor Brooking

Sir Trevor Brooking mn2s

For a local lights switch on, a celebrity with some local relevance is always a good choice, especially if they’re someone who’s already warmly regarded. Footballers can be a great choice, as they’re often high-profile and well known, with a local connection.

Sir Trevor Brooking is most famous as a player for West Ham FC, where he helped the team to two FA Cup victories. More recently, the former player and now pundit has also joined the Board of Directors at the club. Local links like these mean that he would be an ideal choice to switch on a local light display in the West Ham area – and he’s certainly a celebrity that lots of people would flock to see.

Charlotte Church

A major celebrity by anyone’s standards, Charlotte Church switching on Christmas lights in Wales would be a real coup – she’d be sure to find plenty of fans amongst her fellow countrymen and women.

As a singer, she’s also got the ability to put on a bit more of a show, and allow you to make your lights switch-on a real event. Many events like this are done for charity, with collections to raise funds, and the longer you keep people at the event, the more they’re likely to give.

Church has another edge over other singers and musicians too – some of her most famous songs as a child star were festive tunes like O Holy Night. She would make a festive choice for any major lights switch-on.

Eddie the Eagle

eddie the eagle mn2s

A celebrity with a novelty twist is often a great draw for crowds, and Eddie the Eagle’s winter sport connection makes him a great Christmas choice. Famously qualifying for the Olympic Games as the first Brit to do so in 60 years, he was an amateur who won hearts and minds across the nation.

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Now a commentator on Channel 4’s The Jump, his quirky personality and funny story is sure to make him a hit with attendees of any Christmas lights switch-on.

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