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Thinking of booking a star from the world of football? Take a closer look at David Seaman.

Goalkeepers such as David Seaman have a hard time of it in the world of football fandom – although a good save is every bit as important to a side as scoring a goal, it’s seen as much less glamorous. Of the most worshipped football players in the world, few are goalkeepers, despite the crucial role that they play in a team’s success.

Well we’re here to show some goalkeeper love, and express our appreciation for these forgotten heroes of the football pitch, starting with hirsute England legend David Seaman.

Not only has he had a stellar career spanning two decades as a professional football player, but he’s stayed in the limelight since and his genuine, funny manner has won him fans far outside of the sporting arena.

Keep reading to find out why we love this legend of pitch and screen, and why he’s such a top choice to book as a celebrity speaker at your next event.

David Seaman: The early years

Born in Rotherham, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, David Seaman was a fan of Leeds United from a young age. Despite beginning his career with the club, he was dealt a blow when his manager and childhood hero Eddie Gray transferred him to Peterborough for a transfer fee of just £4,000 in August 1982.

Just two years later his transfer fee had multiplied more than twenty times when he moved to Birmingham City, and a couple of years later the talented northerner was transferred to Queen’s Park Rangers for £225,000 – an enormous increase in just four years!

Moving to Arsenal

david-seaman-goalkeeper mn2s

In 1990 the very successful Arsenal wanted to sign Seaman, but the way that the transfer was fixed up meant that the team’s current keeper, fan favourite John Lukic, had to leave the club on loan.

The complex agreement fell through, but undeterred, Seaman was signed by the Gunners a year later for £1.3 million – at the time the sum was a record transfer fee for a goalkeeper.

It was at Arsenal that David Seaman spent the best years of his career, remaining there for more than a decade and becoming the England football team’s go-to goalie in the process.

During his time with Arsenal, Seaman helped the club to win plenty of silverware, and it was fitting that his last act for the club in 2003 was to lift the FA cup – one of eight major trophies that he had won with the team.

Later career and retirement

david seaman mn2s

After leaving Arsenal Seaman completed a short stint at Manchester City, however injury forced him to retire immediately in January 2004. The place which he occupied in the Manchester United team was taken by David James – the man who had also ousted him from his position as England goalkeeper.

In an eventful retirement, Seaman has won the hearts of the nation in an unusual way – through ice skating. Appearing on Strictly Ice Dancing with just eight days notice, he managed to win the competition, along with partner Zoia Birmingham. Several years later he also appeared on the programme Dancing On Ice, though this time he languished in fourth place.

2005 saw the famous footballer’s ponytail cut off in a live televised event to raise money for charity, and just this year he made the slightly odd confession that he still has the hair in a drawer at home.
All in all he’s a charismatic and charming individual who’s sure to be a real hit at any event, should you choose to hire him – there won’t be a dull moment with this character around!

Book a celebrity

Hire a celebrity for your next event to add a real frisson to proceedings. It’s a great way to make your event the hottest ticket in town – after all, we’re all nosy and we love getting up close and personal with someone we’ve only ever seen in the papers.

David Seaman makes an excellent choice of after dinner speaker for any audience of football fans, having played for both the England national team and a selection of the league’s top teams too.

He’s also famous enough to be interesting even to those who aren’t hardened football fans – a real crowd pleaser – although they might struggle to recognise him now he’s bereft of his traditional ponytail!

Get in touch with our top talent agency, MN2S, to find out more about booking David Seaman for an event, as well as learning more about the other top footballers and athletes on our books.

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