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Follow our ultimate guide on creating viral content to build brand awareness

There’s no way to ensure that content will go viral – there, we’ve said it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, although of course there are plenty of ways to boost your chances.

It’s a type of content that’s highly prized by marketers these days, because it can be so much cheaper to produce and distribute than conventional advertising. So how do you create (potentially) viral content, and how can it help your brand?

What is viral content?

Viral content is usually a photograph or video, although sometimes it can be a quote of a piece of text. It’s often not overtly advertising anything, and in some cases the brand that created it isn’t revealed – if and when it goes viral, the brand behind it waits until coverage is peaking, then reveals itself.

In its most basic form, viral content isn’t paid for and is spread simply through online word of mouth – retweets, shares, emails and messages. A huge viral stunt can dominate online conversation for weeks – most notably, things like the #NoMakeupSelfie and #IceBucketChallenge.

Ice Bucket Challenge Viral Content

How can viral content help your brand?

It’s not for every brand by any stretch of the imagination, but used well and for the right brand, a viral ad campaign can create a huge buzz without spending much money. One of the first and biggest instances of this was the trailer for The Blair Witch Project, produced on a shoestring and shared all over the web.

It can hugely raise the profile of the organization benefitting – the Ice Bucket Challenge saw a huge boost in the public profile of Motor Neuron Disease or ALS and millions of pounds raised for related causes.

Creating viral content

There’s no guarantee that your content will go viral, but you can make it more likely. High production values aren’t necessary, but comedy is almost essential. The common denominator of almost all viral content is a humorous or shocking element, so be sure to include that in yours. The involvement of a celebrity could also help; whether they appear in a video or simply agree to share the content through their online platforms. Finally, you need to think about timing – if there’s big news elsewhere in your town or country, a viral stunt might be overlooked. On a slow news day, it could be a hit.

Hire a celebrity for a viral video

Adding a celebrity into the mix will help to boost the profile of your viral stunt immediately, increasing your chances of a good return on investment. If you’re interested in booking a celebrity to appear in your viral video, contact our talent management agency today.

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