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We’ve got the facts of the 4od hit show ‘Made In Chelsea’, from Spencer Matthews to Oliver Proudlock

In recent years Made in Chelsea has become the reality TV viewing of choice for people the length and breadth of Britain. Even if they’re closer geographically to Geordie Shore or the Real Housewives of Cheshire, lots of people feel they identify more with the Made In Chelsea cast. It’s a more genteel type of reality TV – the spats usually involve poison pen letters rather than screaming matches and they’re more likely to attend a classy themed party than bare all on the dancefloor of an Essex club.

All is not quite as it seems on the show, as with all reality TV, and what you see on TV isn’t always the reality of the situation. Creator Amber Atherton is an entrepreneur on the books here at top talent agency MN2S, and she’s well placed to spill all the goss on the show. If your audience watches a lot of Made In Chelsea, she could be the perfect after dinner guest; and the classy reputation which precedes her would make her perfectly placed for product endorsements.

We’ve rounded up five facts you might not know about Made In Chelsea for you to mull over:

It’s not quite as posh as you think

A few years ago members at the high-end bar and nightclub Raffles had their feathers ruffled when they saw their favourite haunt featured on the show. After members made complaints about the reality show filming in Raffles, the bar had to issue a statement. It reassured patrons that the Made In Chelsea cast wouldn’t really be allowed into the bar for filming – the shots had all been set up. Many of the most exclusive venues – especially those frequented by the royals – don’t allow the TV cameras or the cast in.

Mark Vandelli was almost disowned over it

One of the staple characters on the show, Mark Vandelli, claims to have been almost disowned over his decision to take part. He told the Metro: “My mother told me that if I ever got involved in reality TV then that would be the end of our relationship. My father said the same. So I really wanted to just do something for myself and kind of test how far it could go.

“I don’t regret anything and I’m really glad I’ve done the show but I don’t think it’s terribly chic to give away too much about your personal life.”

Spencer Matthews was banned from giving a traditional best man’s speech

Former star of Made In Chelsea and all around raconteur Spencer Matthews was made to tow the line by his brother, James, when he announced his engagement to Pippa Middleton. Although he was asked to act as best man, he was warned against making any jokes which might show up his brother in front of the royal family – his new in-laws.

Oliver Proudlock was in Prince Harry’s year

Cast member Proudlock wins some points in the posh stakes just for attending Eton College, but top top it off, he was in the same year as Prince Harry. As in, the royal family. As Eton isn’t an enormous school, there’s a good chance that the two know one another – although it wouldn’t be cricket for Proudlock to mention it!

Amber Atherton was on the show too

Cast your days back to the earliest years of Made In Chelsea and you might just remember Amber Atherton. Not only was she one of the best characters on the show, but she’s one of the creators. Get in touch today to find out more about booking her to speak at your event.

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