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Four things you might not know about Iain Duncan Smith

One of the most well known faces in British politics today, you could do a lot worse than Iain Duncan Smith if you’re looking to hire a celebrity to speak at your next event. After all, what better preparation for a career in public speaker is there than the verbal swordplay of the House of Commons, where Iain Duncan Smith still serves.

As with most politicians he is not universally appreciated, but it’s hard to deny his tenacity and experience in the political sphere. Not only has Duncan Smith been in parliament for more than two decades, but he has also served as Work and Pensions Secretary, Shadow Defence Secretary and Shadow Secretary of State for social security, as well of course as leader of the Conservative party between 2001 and 2003.

Iain’s professional career has been varied and interesting, making him an intriguing celebrity guest by anyone’s standards. If you’re interested in hearing from him at your next event, MN2S is a corporate entertainment agency through which he can be booked – get in touch with one of our friendly agents to find out more.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with five facts you might not have known about Iain Duncan Smith. You’re welcome!

1. Iain Duncan Smith has a colourful ancestry

There aren’t many of us with a family history as interesting as that boasted by Iain Duncan Smith. His father was WWII hero W. G. G. Duncan Smith, a decorated member of the RAF who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his command of No. 64 Squadron RAF during the Second World War, also author to a well-respected war memoir, Spitfire Into Battle.

His mother, in an altogether different career path, was the ballerina Pamela Summers, born in China and with both Japanese and Irish heritage

Iain Duncan Smith is also related to Adam Duncan, a Scottish Admiral who famously helped to defeat the Dutch Navy in the battle of Camperdown in 1797.

2. Iain Duncan Smith served in the Scots Guards

Educated until he was fourteen at a Roman Catholic comprehensive school, Iain Duncan Smith then moved to HMS Conway, a Royal Navy training school in Anglesey. In 1975 he was accepted into Sandhurst, Britain’s prestigious officer training centre. It is a national centre of excellence for leadership and Duncan Smith was commissioned into the Scots Guards regiment as a second lieutenant.

During his time in the armed forces, Iain Duncan Smith served in several volatile environments, including Norther Ireland and Southern Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe), but retired from the armed forces in 1981, though he continued to serve as a reserve.

3. His leadership bid was supported by Margaret Thatcher

Iain Duncan Smith was the leader of the Conservative Party whilst in opposition for more than two years, but when he initially announced that he was running for the leadership following William Hague’s resignation, he was considered to have only an outside chance of success.

This changed when party grandee and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announced her support for Duncan Smith’s leadership bid. As someone who held significant sway with party members, it is thought that her endorsement was a significant factor in Iain Duncan Smith’s eventual win.

4. Iain Duncan Smith established the Centre for Social Justice

The Centre for Social Justice is a right wing think tank, and it works with charitable organisations to find innovative ways to tackle poverty. It was also set up by Iain Duncan Smith in 2004 and he remained as chairman until he joined David Cameron’s cabinet in 2010 – his involvement has not ended entirely, however, he is still a Life Patron.

The thinktank retains a high level of influence on policy under the current Conservative regime and published the highly regarded Breakthrough Britain report. This was a wide-ranging report which touched on issues including marriage and family breakdown, education failure and unemployment and welfare dependency, among other topics.

The thinktank has also published stand-alone reports on gang culture, modern slavery, addiction, family breakdown and educational failure which have been widely reported on in the media and which have helped to keep the centre at the forefront of policy discussions.

If you’d like to book Iain Duncan Smith, contact MN2S talent agency today.

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