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This summer, entertainment agencies will be inundated with requests for former footballers to make appearances, act as after-dinner speakers and put their names and faces to advertising campaigns. And for good reason – it is, after all, a World Cup year.

But for the millions of people around the world who aren’t die-hard football fans, the constant deluge can become, well, a bit too much. So if you need to hire a celebrity this summer – whether it’s for a personal appearance or a product endorsement – why not think outside of the box?

Particularly for mixed audiences, where the demographic doesn’t suggest football fanaticism, you might find more success booking a rugby player, tennis star or cricketing hero. And there are plenty of those on the books at MN2S who are just as relevant as a football player.

Serena Williams

Probably the biggest tennis player in the world right now, Serena Williams has stormed back onto the world stage this year following the birth of her first daughter. Her gritty determination and the sheer quantity and quality of titles that she has won make her a fascinating speaker at any event.

Not to mention that her iconic status makes her something of a hero for sports fans the world over. Get her to endorse a product, and you’ll have a sure-fire hit on your hands.

Lizzie Deignan (Armitstead)

Olympic gold medal winner and Yorkshire lass Lizzie Deignan is one of the best cyclists in the world – and lest we forget, there’s another sporting event on this summer – the Tour de France.

As relevant to the Tour as any footballer is to the World Cup, Lizzie can provide commentary on how the race is going and insights into the highly competitive world of racing. She’s also an incredible motivational speaker, who can talk compellingly about the need for hard work and determination in order to succeed.

Sir Ian Botham

If you’ve got an audience you think might be interested in cricket, Sir Ian Botham could be a great choice. Not only is he an extremely interesting and experienced former player and commentator in his own right, but with cricket’s own scandal ongoing, he’s well placed to comment.

The ball-tampering incident which took place earlier this year is still a topic that’s ripe for discussion, and any audience of cricket fans will appreciate the chance to hear Sir Ian’s take on the matter. His vast experience of the game gives him the kind of insights that younger players can only dream of!

Book a sporting celebrity

A non-footballer could be the perfect sporting celebrity to bring a breath of fresh air to your event this summer, whether it’s a cricketer, a tennis player, a cyclist or someone else entirely.

If you’d like to learn more about booking a celebrity speaker, contact MN2S talent agency today to find out more.

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