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See What Top Four Wild Things That Bear Grylls Has Done

Bear Grylls is on our TVs once more with a brand new series of his hit show, The Island with Bear Grylls. The reality TV show sees competitors transported to remote, uninhabited islands in the Pacific ocean and left to fend for themselves with little more than the clothes they stand up in.

Even the filming is primarily completed by participants themselves, and the latest series sees two teams – one older, one younger – pitted against each other in a fight for survival.

It’s addictive watching, and the appeal of the show is in large part down to its enigmatic presenter, survival expert Bear Grylls. He’s a real character who has done some wild things in the interests of survival (and good television), so we’ve rounded up four of the best:

Squeezing water from elephant dung

One of the most important elements necessary for survival in harsh environments is access to drinking water, and Bear Grylls is famous for finding it in the strangest and most revolting of places. In this clip, he extracts water from a pile of elephant dung by squeezing it over his mouth.

He does caveat this by saying that it should only be a last resort as elephant dung can contain harmful bacteria – but if needs must…!

Ate raw goat testicles

Grylls is not a man it’s easy to gross out – he’s perhaps most famous for drinking his own urine. Part of survival is grabbing every opportunity which presents itself when it comes to sustenance, and that involves eating absolutely every part of an animal.

When Bear Grylls tried to eat raw goat testicles in North Africa – a delicacy thought to enhance virility – he managed to swallow them, but was filmed retching and throwing up part of the meal afterwards. It’s an indicator of how truly inedible they must be, because this is a man who’ll eat (and drink) anything.

Climbing onto a railway bridge

In this clip Bear Grylls is trying to navigate in the Montana desert when he comes across a railway bridge in the middle of nowhere. Thinking that following the tracks might lead him to civilization, Grylls first attempts a death-defying climb of the bridge without any safety equipment.

Once on the bridge he tries to follow the tracks, arriving at a railway tunnel. Once in the tunnel he feels vibrations and realises that the tracks must still be in use. With nowhere to escape the oncoming train, he and his camera crew are forced to try to outrun it, and escape from the mouth of the tunnel just in the nick of time.

Surviving a fall from 11,000ft

One of the craziest things that has happened to Grylls was in fact, not something that he did deliberately. As a 23 year old soldier, Bear Grylls’ parachute failed to open at 11,000ft when he jumped out of a plane.

The tenacious survival expert cracked three vertebrae and spent eight months in physical therapy but remarkably survived the fall and – get this – went on to become the youngest Brit to conquer Everest at the time, just 18 months after his accident.

Not only did Grylls beat the odds in an incredible way, but his brush with death drove him on to bigger and better things – and what better message could there be for a motivational speaker to deliver?

Book Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is one of our most enigmatic celebrity speakers, whose exciting life is sure to thrill any audience – and his high profile will ensure any event for which you book him is packed out. From the grotesque to the glorious, his survival expertise is thrilling but his personal testimony about the hurdles that he has overcome is just as powerful.

Get in touch with MN2S talent management agency if you’d like to book Bear Grylls for your event or to endorse your service or product.

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