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Thinking of booking a celebrity from the world of Sci-Fi? Take a closer look at MN2S talent George Takei

One of the original Star Trek series’ best loved faces, George Takei has had a glittering career both in the USS Enterprise and in other roles across a broad spectrum of films and TV shows.

When he first came on board the show in the 1960s, there were very few ethnic minority faces on US television, so as a Japanese-American his major role in a major series made him a real ground breaker.

Takei played Lt. Hikaru Sulu in the long-running and much loved sci-fi series, and the image of the character sharing the starship’s helm panel with Pavel Chekov became an iconic one. While the character initially was a third officer and senior helmsman on the ship, he eventually progresses to become lieutenant commander, full commander and by the time that the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country take place he is a captain in charge of the USS Excelsior.

It was far from his only role, however; the actor also appeared alongside legends such as Cary Grant, John Wayne and Richard Burton. Younger audiences will recognise him for cameos in the popular series Scrubs and as Hiro Nakamura’s father in the mainstream sci-fi hit Heroes.

At 79 he is still going strong as both an actor and a dedicated campaigner for equal rights; in recent years he has been particularly vocal about LGBT issues, after coming out in 2005.

Recently he discussed his favourite Star Trek TV episode and film; as a firm fan favourite anything he has to say on the subject is sure to be listened to:

George Takei’s favourite TV episode: The Naked Time

This episode is one which the actor has mentioned repeatedly as his favourite and in fact spends an entire chapter on the subject in his autobiography, “To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei.”

In the episode the crew has been asked to investigate a research team on a dying planet that has lost contact with the starfleet. When a landing party arrives on the planet they find the researchers frozen to death following the shutdown of their life support system in odd situations, such as fully clothed in the shower.

The crew become infected with a strange affliction which removes their inhibitions following contact with a red liquid on the planet, and back on the Enterprise, start exhibiting unusual and in some cases very dangerous behaviours.

The condition is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, and as the whole crew becomes infected the situation spirals out of control, with the ship becoming at risk of crashing into the planet.

Eventually crew member McCoy ascertains that a substance with effects similar to alcohol which is transmitted by touch is the problem and creates a serum to reverse its effects; the crew are able to save the day and order is restored.

Star Trek legend has it that when Sulu was required by the script of the episode to reveal that his deepest wish was to be a swashbuckler, George Takei had to learn to sword-fight in a hurry and would practice his fencing skills on defenceless crew members. The story goes that a delegation from the cast even threatened to quit if Takei was given a sword again – perhaps the reason for his affection for this episode!

George Takei’s favourite film: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


While Takei has never explicitly expressed a favourite film, he has repeatedly praised Star Trek IV: The Voyage home for its handling of important contemporaneous issues through the medium of science fiction; it is seen by some as a comment on ecological issues and whaling.

The plot centres around an alien probe which is sending out a signal lookin for the extinct humpback whales on Earth. The signal blocks electrical grids and creates sun-blocking clouds as a by-product, putting the whole ecosystem and civilisation on Earth at risk.

The crew of the Enterprise travel back in time to answer the probe’s call with the song of a humpback whale, the only thing capable of causing it to leave Earth’s orbit.

It should come as no surprise that this film ranks as one of Takei’s favourites, as a fervent activist with an interest in many causes. The Japanese American is a classic example of a man of many talents, as interesting and engaged with the world outside of hollywood as he is a stalwart of it.

George Takei is available to book for public speaking engagements and conferences of all kinds through London-based celebrity agency MN2S.

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