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If you’ve ever played a part in managing a website, there’s a good chance that you’ve used Google Analytics at some point along the way. One of its primary functions is to monitor web traffic visiting a given site – and that’s what most people use it for, most of the time. You can see how your audience is growing, where people are visiting the site from and how many repeat visitors you get.

What’s less well known is the powerful tool that Google Analytics can be when it comes to marketing. Because as well as simply giving you the stats for your website, Google Analytics can actually help you to improve it.

Tracking users

By tracking the journeys that users take on your site, it’s possible to refine your model and meet your objectives more efficiently. For retailers, that might mean encouraging more people to buy your product, be it bike parts or boho dresses. Charities can use tracking to encourage donors to give, and to give more, and event planners can use Google Analytics to encourage people to buy or reserve tickets.

How does this help?

When it’s possible to see the exact journey that donors take when perusing your site, it’s possible to see what meets your objectives, and what doesn’t. Perhaps customers are clicking through from a Facebook advert – so far, so good – but getting lost on your landing page and struggling to find the information they’re after.

By adding the information to your landing page, or signposting it clearly, you can ensure customers get where they want to be easy, making it more likely that they’ll make a purchase.

A/B testing

When you have effective tracking set up for your website, you can also set up tests to see which marketing methods work best to sell tickets for your event. That means setting up two different marketing funnels, and seeing which one is most effective in terms of sales.

Once you’ve tested a few different variations, you’ll have a much better idea of what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to creating landing pages and user journeys through your site.


Google Analytics also allows you to set up goals, where you can set goals and measure how well different marketing methods are performing to achieve them. Here, too, you can refine your model. Perhaps lots of customers are dropping out at the checkout stage? It might mean they don’t feel able to spend that money right now – so perhaps you could add an option at checkout to be reminded about the tickets in a set number of days or weeks?

In summary, Google Analytics can be a brilliant way to track the success of your ticket sales, test and learn and refine the most efficient ticket-selling model possible for you.

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