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How to put on the perfect corporate quiz night and break the ice

Corporate entertainment and events put on for employees can sometimes have an air of awkwardness about them. The context of the evening means attendees might feel nervous about saying or doing the wrong thing, and without the right management, the event could feel boring and start to drag.

One way to avoid the awkwardness and break the ice between various attendees is to ensure that your entertainment involves some kind of participation. Having a more structured evening could be the perfect way to allow people to ease into a more comfortable way of interacting with each other – and a corporate quiz night can be the perfect way to do that.

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Fit it to your needs

It’s an ideal choice as it’s easy to tailor to suit your needs. If it’s a small, casual event, you can hold it in an upmarket local pub and procure the services of their quizmaster. For a more high-class affair, hire a celebrity game show presenter or team captain to add some glamour to proceedings.

Fun or functional

Are you organising entertainment for a conference or training session? Or planning a rowdy night of celebrations for your team? However formal or informal the occasion, a well written quiz can help to set it off. For a relatively formal affair, you could include questions relating to the workplace or job in which you work, while a relaxed event could include some slightly more risque questions and rounds.

Mix it up

A corporate quiz night doesn’t have to be a purely intellectual affair – in fact, some of the most memorable quizzes award points for obscure and entertaining rounds. Guessing the flavour of several types of crisps or drawing a picture featuring three prompts written by the quizmaster are both fun options which are a bit outside the box.

Team building and bonding

The purpose of many corporate events which take place outside of the workplace is to build relationships – be it between a business and a client or between colleagues. The cooperative nature of taking part in a corporate quiz night and working together on a team towards a different goal to these set in the workplace is a great way to achieve that.

Many of the soft skills which are necessary to succeed in the workplace can be nurtured by team-building exercises like quizzes. By putting colleagues who don’t usually work closely together on the same team, you can help your team to become a more cohesive unit and as a result, increase the output of your workplace.

Hire a celebrity quizmaster

Although a quiz is always fun, you can increase the draw for potential attendees by adding a celebrity game show host or game show team captain to up the ante. We’ve got lots of suitable candidates on the books – if it’s a sports quiz that you’re thinking of, why not book A Question Of Sport team captain Ally McCoist to host your evening? A quiz could be the perfect way to make your Christmas entertainment memorable! Get in touch to chat to one of our helpful agents about who they would recommend for the event you’re planning.

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