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How to make yourself memorable with an show-stopping theme


Whatever the event you’re organizing, a theme is a sure fire way to get people enthusiastic about it. From fancy dress to decorating your space, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities – and movies make the perfect theme for an awards evening. The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood awards ceremony makes it an easy theme to follow and it’s a great way to make your award winners feel really special.


Fancy dress


When it comes to fancy dress for a movie themed night you have two distinct options. If it’s non-stop fun and silliness you want to characterise your night, ask people to dress up as their favourite film character. On the other hand, if it’s a classier affair that you have in mind, you can ask people to wear evening dress – it’s less onerous than full-on fancy dress as most people will probably own something suitable already.

Everyone loves the opportunity to bust out a slinky dress or a sharp tux which has been gathering dust in the wardrobe, so it’s an option that’s a real crowd pleaser.


Red carpet and photographer


If it’s a corporate event that you’re planning then make sure to sort out a red carpet and a great background of repeating logos for your photo-call. It ties in something that’s often seen at big awards ceremonies (the branded background for the red carpet) with something that will keep your marketing team happy – win win!

red carpet photography

Splash some cash on a really great photographer too – the people you invite will love the chance to have some great photos taken by a professional when they’re all glammed up.


Goodie bags


If your event has more than one sponsor you might like to think about offering goodie bags; it’s another trick borrowed from movie awards ceremonies, but it’s a great way for companies to get their materials in front of the right people. You could throw in a bag of popcorn to bulk it out for each attendee, then leaflets and marketing materials from any sponsors who want to get involved.

oscar themed party




If you’re handing out awards at a corporate event or business awards evening, the chances are that many of your winners will receive a certificate rather than anything more impressive. It might cost a little extra to have some trophies made, but a metal or etched glass award will make your ceremony feel all the more important. Picking up a solid plaque or trophy feels much more exciting than receiving an envelope, so why not go all-out Oscars style and opt for keepsakes your winners will treasure.


Keep it themed



There are many other places that you can bring a theme into play – for instance, you could send out your invites to look like cinema tickets, or name the tables your guests will sit at after famous films or actors. Use music from awards ceremonies when people go on stage to receive an award, or invite a big name from the world of film to present an award or give a speech.

The most important thing is to being the theme in wherever possible – it’s the little details that really make your guests feel important and appreciated.

Book a celebrity for your corporate awards ceremony

Here at MN2S we have some big names from the big screen available to book for just such events. A Q&A session with top critic Mark Kermode as part of your event would thrill the biggest film fans, while getting someone like Lindsay Lohan or George Takei to present an award would add some serious star quality to any event.

If you’re in the market for a celebrity guest for an event you’re organising, awards evening or otherwise, then get in touch. We have sporting heroes, actors, presenters and business people from all walks of life available to make appearances.

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