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Four years ago Jada Sezer was studying for her Masters in Child Psychotherapy – so just how did she end up fronting a L’oreal campaign and modelling for ASOS?

The now 27 year old has always been passionate about the need for more plus size models and more acceptance of mental health problems. As a campaigner, she ended up fronting the first plus size fashion weekend back in 2013, and the rest as they say, is history.

She says that although she enjoys the experience, she would rather be modelling alongside models of all sizes on the catwalks at London Fashion Week: “Ultimately I’d want to be on a catwalk with straight-size models rather than do something exclusive.

“Growing up, I never saw women like me. People clap for Beyoncé’s and Jennifer Lopez being curvy women, but they’re size 8 to 10, and they have personal trainers. I’ve never seen good, cool, curvy women. Sometimes magazines throw in a plus-size model as a goodwill gesture, but they’re not taken seriously.”

She says that she wishes there were more role models of all sizes for her young niece: “Seeing more images of what I do. If she sees someone my age looking as cool as Rihanna, rather than modelling for Matalan, that would appeal to her.”

So what makes Jada such a brilliant guest for your event? She’s verbose and educated about the issues that are dear to her heart, and her degree in child psychology means that she has an informed opinion on how issues like body image might affect younger people.

She would be an especially great speaker for an event with a primarily female audience, as much of what she has to say is most relevant to women – but have no doubt that she will keep audiences of all demographics engaged and interested. Her personal story is a motivational speaker’s dream, and her experiences are sure to chime true with many women.

You could also be in luck if you’re looking for a brand ambassador or someone to front an advertising campaign; Jada’s campaigning around plus-size visibility would make her the perfect choice for a fashion brand keen to show off its forward thinking attitude.

Jada Sezer MN2S talent

If you’re interested in hiring model Jada Sezer as a motivational speaker or brand ambassador, get in touch with her talent management agency MN2S to find out more.

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