23 September 2014

Former NBA star John Amaechi is due to visit Ipswich basketball Club in an effort to promote the sport in the UK.

John Amaechi will be heading to the club based at Copleston High School on October 4th, there he will be hosting a series of basketball sessions with the players and coaches.

Afterwards he will be guest of honour for a game between Ipswich and Loughborough Riders at 4:30 before attending a dinner where he will answer questions from the club and other local basketball enthusiasts.

Tickets for the event are available for £15, and will include attendance for the game and the subsequent dinner.

John Amaechi commented “I see the frustrated talent around the UK. Coaches and players both, who want to chase greatness, but find themselves fighting against the odds.

“I want to help play a part by providing a bit of inspiration and working with players and coaches in their own towns and cities to spread best-practice. I hope this can become an annual event so that more and more people can win a chance to expand their basketball knowledge.”

To book tickets contact Terry Rigby at telroe@gmail.com or 07563130339. For more information visit the Ipswich basketball Club website here.

For more information or to enquire about booking John Amaechi please visit his profile page.

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